The school committee is looking to add language to its Internet Acceptability Use Policy that would give educators the authority to discipline students for online harassment, discrimination and bullying that affects the school environment.

The committee had its first reading of the policy at their Monday night meeting, where Superintendent Amy Berdos said the additional section is more of a reminder to “think before they post.”

“It’s a reminder that you are representing Foxboro Public Schools when making contributions online,” she said.

The added passage reads: “Be aware that consistent with the school committee district policies and roles including but not limited to harassment, discrimination and bullying, all actions taken on social media platforms, whether school based or private, that impact the school environment may lead to disciplinary action and/or loss of privileges.”

Berdos also noted that students should think about college or future jobs they may want to apply for when posting online. “It’s also building their brand,” she added.

While the school department has little control over how students behave online outside of school, Berdos said that behavior can impact behavior at school.

“It’s important for them to understand that what they’re doing on social media and outside of the school day can impact the school day itself,” she said.

The committee will do a second reading and vote on the policy at their next meeting on Nov. 19.

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