Lynn Marie Shevlin, 62, of Foxboro, passed away on Sunday, Nov. 4 after a sudden neurological trauma. She was comfortable and surrounded with love in her final hours.

Lynn was born in Virginia to Bob and Connie Swift and was raised in Pennsylvania. In college at BU she studied fine arts and was an accomplished and soulful artist. In 1978 she met her future husband Jim and they were later blessed with the births of Katherine Marie and Missy Clare, her “Irish twins” who became the center of Lynn’s expanding universe.

Lynn relished her family and her life’s mission was to care for her soul so that she would be able to nourish and develop the souls of others. As her life progressed, her impact was felt further by friends of her family and co-workers at her job as she became the “mother” to many, many people. In the last few years, Lynn’s world was further enhanced by the marriage of Kate to Brian Wright and the marriage of Missy to Nick Wilson. Happily, Michael James Wilson and Jack Thomas Wright, her grandsons, soon joined the band and Lynn’s final role as “Meme” was created. It is not an exaggeration to say that she spent thousands of hours either with her grandchildren or simply watching videos or photos of these two treasures. As with all people who entered Lynn’s universe, they could do no wrong.

Lynn was intelligent, sophisticated, funny and beautiful. She was proud that she worked full-time while raising her daughters and she was intensely protective of those she loved. Her spirit impacted everything around her. A Foxboro resident since 1993, she took a simple home and made it an elegant, resort-like environment through her vision and creation of perennial gardens, pool, etc. This is an apt symbol for her life. She took a man and gave him rebirth and purpose. She took two small infants and made them strong, loving, impactful women. She took countless others under her wing and made them stronger for having known her. Our biggest regret is that she won’t be able to directly nurture and infuse her spirit into her beloved grandsons Michael (19 months) and Jack (three weeks).

Lynn is survived by her husband, Jim of Foxboro, the Wright family (Kate, Brian, and Jack) of South Boston, and the Wilson family (Missy, Nick, and Michael) of South Boston.

An intensely private person, Lynn made it clear that she wanted no rites or ceremonies upon her passing. The family will celebrate her extraordinary life privately.

In lieu of flowers, donations can be made to your favorite charity in Lynn’s name. She herself loved the opportunity to make micro-loans to women throughout the world through Kiva, so feel free to consider this option as well. More importantly, Lynn would ask that you take a moment to care for your own soul in a unique way so as to better yourself and those around you.

One hand, one heart.