kerry kilroy

Officer Kerry Kilroy received the Distinguished Leadership Award from the Massachusetts Association of Women in Law Enforcement at the Annual Spirit of MAWLE Awards Ceremony in Brookline this week.

and Alexandra Gomes

Officer Kerry Kilroy has been selected to receive an award for leadership from the Massachusetts Association of Women in Law Enforcement.

“Kilroy was selected to receive this award because of the leadership skills she displays while managing all Gillette Stadium command and control communications from our unified command center. During large-scale stadium events, Officer Kilroy is assigned to ‘stadium control’ which is the stadium’s dispatch center,” Lt. Richard Noonan said.

In this position, Kilroy is responsible for directing all individual officers and assets to hundreds of calls for service during all major events.

During peak times of the event, Kilroy is responsible for prioritizing calls for service to ensure the safety of the patrons and public safety personnel by managing the police response and deployment to various locations around Gillette Stadium.

Kilroy is also responsible for communicating with local, state, and federal partners that are on site to assist the department with police operations. This inter-agency communication is critical to the overall police operations at Gillette, Noonan said.

Chief William Baker recommended Kilroy for the award.

“It is clear that Officer Kilroy has distinguished herself as a leader in this fast pace, high pressure, environment and has earned the trust and confidence of members of my unified command team and of every one of the detail officers assigned to major events who often call in, or text her, for advice or guidance during the event,” Baker said.

Kilroy, who joined the Foxboro Police Department in 2004, said she was “humbled” to learn that Baker wanted to submit her to the award.

“It’s nice that he recognizes when we do great things in the department,” she said. “And it’s nice to feel you are appreciated.”

Kilroy added that her staff at the stadium trusts and relies on each other, which she said makes her job a lot easier.

Kilroy received the award Tuesday at the Spirit of MAWLE Award Ceremony in Brookline. Foxboro police officers and her family members also attended.

“Her continuous, long term, leadership in this role and in this unusual venue makes her unique among women and men in Massachusetts law enforcement,” Baker said.

“Every event requires a high degree of problem solving skills, planning, organizational and extra-organizational communication, and represents an indispensable contribution to our agency and our collaborative partners in a counter-terrorism environment unmatched in our region,” Baker said.

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