MANSFIELD - Interim Town Manager Nick Riccio says he's trying to calm residents' fears about a new male-oriented hair salon set to open this month in Mansfield Marketplace.

Riccio, in his weekly report to selectmen, said his office has been inundated with calls about the Knockouts: Haircuts for Men set to open on School Street.

Dubbed by some media outlets as "Hooters for Haircuts" because its stylists are attractive women in short shorts, the boxing-themed chain usually attracts a lot of attention whenever it moves into a new region.

Some Mansfield residents are concerned about what they believe to be an adult-themed business opening next to the family-oriented Friendly's Express restaurant, Riccio said.

Riccio said the town has bylaws in place to monitor "everything from adult cabarets to adult bookstores."

"Nothing here rises to that level," he said.

Riccio also sought to dispel rumors that the salon would serve beer to patrons, which drew the ire of many residents.

"That is definitely not true," Riccio said, citing a Massachusetts law prohibiting the practice.

Board members said they had also received dozens of calls and e-mails about Knockouts.

Riccio said the business would hold a news conference at the School Street location on Oct. 8 for residents to come and have their questions answered.

Company officials have said they plan to have a soft opening in late October, with a grand opening set for November.

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Oh please. Here comes the ignorant minority spouting off with zero facts, as ususal. The girls shopping at Mansfield Crossing are wearing less. Good for Riccio coming out with strong and timely statement of the facts.


Mmmm - would this type of business be welcomed into Mansfield under D'Agostino's watch? I don't think so...


Please D'Agostino would be the first one down there for a trim around the flagpole! Keep up the good work Nick don't listen to these morons


I mean Really, come on are there not more problems in this town then a few good looking girls cutting you husband or sons hair!! How about we worry a little more about the drugs and the under age drinking. I dont see an outcry about that. How about the parents who allow under age drinking in there house. What about a few establishments around town that a hell of a lot more goes on in there then will a hair cutting knockouts. Seriously we have nothing else to complain about then this. News paper articles people complaining CAUSE ITS NEXT TO FRIENDLY'S. Why dont we waste our energy on more important things REALLY!!!!!!

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