Rep. Shawn Dooley

NORFOLK — State Rep. Shawn Dooley has been appointed to a task force examining state guidelines for child support.

Dooley, R-Norfolk, said he was happy to join the group and said his appointment “came out of the blue” as it was not something he had asked for.

He said Chief Justice Paula Carey of the Massachusetts Trial Court called him one day and asked him to serve.

Dooley will be one of the few members of the panel who is not a lawyer.

The courts are required to examine their guidelines for child support every hour years. The panel will recommend changes, if necessary.

“I was extremely honored to have been chosen by the chief justice for this role. It is nice to be noticed for my involvement with parenting rights as well as for my ability to work with differing groups to reach a consensus within the Legislature,” Dooley said.

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