Kennedy Vote

Attleboro High School junior Sean McNeil, left, takes a selfie with U.S. Rep. Joseph Kennedy III Tuesday at Attleboro High.

ATTLEBORO — The city election office says Attleboro High School just had the largest voter registration drive in memory.

Cheryl Perry, election office manager, said 158 registration forms were dropped off at city hall Thursday afternoon.

The forms were filled out by students during a drive at the high school earlier this week. Perry said longtime aides in the office reported it was the most registrations from one drive they could remember.

“It was a job well done,” she said.

A total of 158 were dropped off, but teacher Brian Hodges said there are more on the way and the total could surpass 275.

Hodges said he was proud of the students for how they handled the work and got registration forms to as many high school seniors and juniors as possible.

“It says a lot about how the kids value it,” he said.

Hodges said the drive fits in with the goal of motivating students to get involved in civic affairs.

Perry said most of the forms were for what is called pre-registration. That is when a 16- or 17-year-old registers in advance but will not be eligible to vote until they are 18.

She said 130 were pre-registrations.

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