ATTLEBORO — Sturdy Memorial Hospital concluded 2017 with its 32nd straight financial surplus, according to the hospital’s annual report.

At Tuesday’s annual meeting of the Sturdy Memorial Foundation, parent of the hospital and Sturdy Memorial Associates, members were told the hospital recorded a surplus of $2,804,464.

Operating expenses for the year totaled $221,628,620, including $4.8 million in uncompensated care for services provided to those who could not or would not pay.

President and Chief Executive Officer Dr. Bruce Auerbach highlighted accomplishments from fiscal 2017, including the opening of the Mildred McCann Balfour Unit, purchase of new medical technology, recruitment and the opening of two new medical service facilities, South Attleboro Urgent Care and Sturdy Memorial Associates at Plainville.

“Our success is due to the tireless efforts put forth by every individual working together to care for our patients and the efforts of those who support and facilitate our caregivers,” Auerbach said. “Sturdy’s leadership recognizes the vital work of our care teams as demonstrated by our investments in state of the art technology and facilities.”

“We view these investments as ways to advance our care to better serve our patients. Sturdy is committed to providing a continuum of care services that’s equivalent to care provided at larger metropolitan systems, right here in our local community.”

In addition, nine community members were elected to the foundation. They are Justin Alexander, Matthew Allen, David Boucher, Kimberely Cohen, Frank Cook, Kevin Dumas, Robin Organ, John Reilly and Paul Schleicher.

Founded in 1913, Sturdy Memorial Hospital is an independent, nonprofit, acute care community hospital serving southeastern Massachusetts and nearby Rhode Island.

Rick Foster can be reached at 508-236-0360.

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