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  • May 24, 2016

Lawyer: Police unfairly making example of North student - The Sun Chronicle : Local News

Lawyer: Police unfairly making example of North student

17-year-old accused of making shooting threat being held in jail

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Posted: Wednesday, December 26, 2012 12:00 am

NORTH ATTLEBORO — The lawyer for a 17-year-old North Attleboro High School junior says her client denies making any threat to “shoot up the school” and said he is unfairly being made an example of because of other issues at the school.

“It’s being blown out of proportion. They’re making him an example,” Providence lawyer Maria Deaton, who represents Patrick J. Skrabec, said today at Attleboro District Court.

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  • stugots posted at 11:34 am on Wed, Dec 26, 2012.

    stugots Posts: 6

    I think this fake tough guy SHOULD be made an example of. However, I think the example has been made. I guarantee he is scared out of his mind right now, and regrets whatever it was he said. If police found means to carry out whatever threat it was, then he should be held without bail. But since we now know it was a baseless threat, I think probation and 'time served' should suffice. He's only 17...no need to ruin his life for a stupid mistake.

  • donnadejayaolcom posted at 10:37 am on Wed, Dec 26, 2012.

    donnadejayaolcom Posts: 138

    I meant 17 & 20

  • donnadejayaolcom posted at 10:36 am on Wed, Dec 26, 2012.

    donnadejayaolcom Posts: 138

    What about the other recent case of 2 attleboro young men 17 & 10 who are out free while awaiting for their court case. And 17 is young and my no means with the same capabilities as a grown adult when speaking out. It is common knoeledge the the part of the brain that controls executive levels of reasoning is not mature until a person is in their mid twenties. That explains why the bad choice of words. If he commited a crime that actually harmed someone I could see giving him a taste of jail.

    But for simply rambling stupid threaths that he 100% did not have the means or intention of committing he doesnt deserve to be apart from his home and family.

    I think a justice system to places a young person in jail who has never been in trouble
    are the real criminals here. No matter what happens now this trauma will be with this family and young man forever.

    By the way the 2 attleboro men out on bail for the identical crimes have been in trouble before..... Go figure that one out......

  • masshole posted at 6:27 am on Wed, Dec 26, 2012.

    masshole Posts: 106

    Defendants charged with manslaughter and attempted murder are given bail, who did this kid kill? We have become lock up happy and anyone not well liked or different will be locked up and the cops will claim they saved the whole town from being killed. This kid is guilty of being tricked by the cops. If this boy was the son of a cop, he would not be in jail. Shame on North Attleboro with its secret police force, this kid should have detention. Why don't you lock up our politicians and religious leaders, they say stupid things everyday.

  • mia37 posted at 5:51 am on Wed, Dec 26, 2012.

    mia37 Posts: 33

    I don't feel bad, sorry, but these things must be taking seriously and prosecuted if need be. A 17 year old is not a baby, time to grow up.

  • donnadejayaolcom posted at 1:19 pm on Tue, Dec 25, 2012.

    donnadejayaolcom Posts: 138

    By the way masshole is correct. He should not have spoken to the police and he should never have admitted to anything. Sad to say Honesty does NOT always
    produce good results. Hope all young and inexperienced people see this. Do not
    EVER admite to anything.

    The Police and the Justice systems are not your friends.....

    All they want to do is make a case....
    At any cost... even if it means destroying a young persons life and hurting families..

  • donnadejayaolcom posted at 1:12 pm on Tue, Dec 25, 2012.

    donnadejayaolcom Posts: 138

    Is there not one decent, logical person that can put a stop to this. This KID and I mean kid will become deeply scared from the court systems over reaction to the stupid words that came from a kid whose brain still has maturity of a child.

    A few days in jail and the questioning from the police department and a suspension
    from school would have bee sufficient to make him realize he must choose his words carefully in the future. And other kids / teenagers would get the message.

    Sad to see this young man ad his family to be suffering during the Holidays ... A time that is so important for family bonding.

    My prayers are with the family and this young man. I hope he is strong enough to not let the jail experience to have lasting negative consequences... Merry Xmas to all...

  • donnadejayaolcom posted at 10:57 am on Tue, Dec 25, 2012.

    donnadejayaolcom Posts: 138

    I feel really sad for this young man. He did what many people do, sad something very stupid with no intention or abiilty to actually do. What kind of justice is this ? If he isnt messed up already he will be after spending 3 months in jail with scuzz buckets and learning from the scuzz buckets. Another great job done by our INJUSTICE system.

    Thank goodness we have pedofiles out on bracelets and Major drug dealers out on bail. BBBBBSSSSS

    I hope this family moves back to Virginia I can say after this this young man will be a target for north attleboro police. Sad but true.

  • barbtender posted at 9:33 am on Tue, Dec 25, 2012.

    barbtender Posts: 253

    One day, I was in a convenience store where the clerk in his early 20's had a brief conversation with a patron about his age. The patron was going to trial for a misdemeanor. I did not have any sympathy for him because I sensed he was a jerk who got caught.

    The student charged in the present case seems quite different. Like many high school students he blurted out something without reflection. Instead of being talked to, he is charged with a grave offense. The police did their work, so did the court. See here, it says $50, 000 bail. However, the student's lawyer is correct. Furthermore, the Constitution is not a suicide pact. Look that up if you must. Neither should our laws be. Do we want to correct the student's behavior or do we want a strict interpretation of the law: throw him in jail for three years? And the result: ruin his life and, perhaps, make him an enemy of the people?

  • masshole posted at 7:02 am on Tue, Dec 25, 2012.

    masshole Posts: 106

    Never say anything to the cops without a lawyer. Cops are not your friends, they do not protect or serve, they exist only to bring charges up against you. This kids civil rights are being violated. How can someone be held without bail for hearsay? His parents should sue North Attleboro High School, the Police Department, and Bristol County.

  • Addled posted at 3:31 pm on Mon, Dec 24, 2012.

    Addled Posts: 284

    Next time you're bullied, wait until you find one of them alone and beat him down hard. Than wait until you find the next guy alone someday and beat him down. They'll have to squeal on you to try to get you in trouble then, and you can just say it was a mutual fight.

  • GaryJohnson posted at 3:16 pm on Mon, Dec 24, 2012.

    GaryJohnson Posts: 5095

    "Skrabec, who has two older siblings, was arrested at the police station Friday night after police say he admitted to threatening to shoot up the school to two students in his math class last Tuesday. "

    Sounds about right.

    In the wake of the Conn. shooting, for this kid to say anything that idiotic shows that he either is someone who can't help himself or is a danger.

    And this isn't the month to be either.

  • jose posted at 1:54 pm on Mon, Dec 24, 2012.

    jose Posts: 105

    Something is missing here. There needs to be some solid proof, if this kid is spending all this time in jail, with no bail?