A surveillance camera at the North Attleboro Fire Department caught this image of a snowplow being stolen from fire department headquarters on Elm Street. (North Attleboro Fire Department photo)


NORTH ATTLEBORO - The North Attleboro Fire Department is searching for a snow plow blade it says was stolen from its headquarters.

Fire Chief Ted Joubert said that over the weekend, firefighters had gone to a rear maintenance building at North Attleboro fire headquarters to hook up the plow blade in preparation for Monday's snow.

They found that the plow blade was gone, and it was later discovered that the theft had been captured on surveillance video. Two men attached the blade to a truck and drove off. 

"I don't remember anything ever being stolen from us like that, so it was surprising," Joubert said.

Joubert said the truck appeared to be a late-'90s Chevrolet Silverado with an extended cab and long bed. The stolen blade is a yellow 8-foot Fisher Minute Mount. 

Police are investigating the theft, but detectives were not available Tuesday evening to provide more information.

Anyone who sees and recognizes the truck or the plow can reach police at 508-695-1212.

The incident follows the theft in Cranston of four city-owned plows that were later found - without the plow blades.

CORRECTION: A previous version of this article said a plow truck was stolen. Only the blade was stolen. It had been attached to a truck during the theft. 

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