Suds spurted over tires and water flowed over windshields at the Triple Play Car Wash and Quick Lube in Attleboro on Wednesday as a seemingly endless line of cars rolled inside. After last week’s snowfall, everyone seemed eager to get the winter grime, mostly made of up road salt and mud, off their cars.

“This is like our Superbowl,” Dave Ellard, the co-owner of Triple Play, said. “It gets busy like this every year, so we know it’s coming.”

Winter, according to Ellard, is the car wash’s busiest season.

“People are trying to get the salt off of their cars,” he said. “It gets on people’s clothes, and it makes the cars look dirty.”

But besides cosmetic appearance, Ellard said, leaving the chalky white substance on cars can lead to safety concerns.

“AAA has talked about this,” he said. “Leaving the salt on cars causes corrosion and can mess with brakes.”

Triple Play’s large facility allows it to wash around 1,700 cars a day, and around 130,000 per year, Ellard said. Their two-line, automatic system keeps them from feeling overwhelmed in the busy seasons.

“This facility was built for lots of cars,” Ellard said. “But I know other, smaller car washes can have a hard time.”

The Diamond Detailing car wash in Norton, a slightly smaller operation, felt the increase in demand as well.

But Tim Hackett, the owner of Diamond Detailing, welcomed the increase in business.

“Last week, with all the snow, we were dead in here,” he said. “This week, we’re very busy.”

Hackett, like Ellard, encouraged people to get their cars washed before spring in order to protect them from corrosion and other damage.

“We’ve been doing a lot of promotion on Facebook,” he said. “Rust starts in weird areas, so people should try to clean their cars as soon as possible.”

For the car washes, the week after winter’s first snowfall is great. For those getting their car washed, it’s a different story.

Christina Peterson, 33, of Rehoboth, was in line for the Triple Play car wash for the second time in a matter of days on Wednesday.

“I came here a few days ago with my daughter to get the car washed,” she said. “But the line was so long I was going to make her late for dance, so we had to leave.”

Regardless of the wait and having to come back again, Peterson said she couldn’t live with her dirty car anymore.

“It’s filthy,” she said. “My husband just got his washed, and I got so jealous I had to come back.”

Another customer at Triple Play said that they were sick of their clothes getting dirty every time they got into their car.

“It would just get everywhere,” the customer said. “I couldn’t stand it anymore.”

At Diamond Detailing, a customer who said he washes his car every day noticed the lines getting longer this week.

“It’s definitely busier,” he said.

Despite the lines, most were in agreement that a clean car was worth the wait.

“We’ve been here for 20 minutes,” one customer from Triple Play said. “But I just love having a clean car.”

Audrey Martin can be reached at 508-236-0340.

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