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  • February 9, 2016

The Sun Chronicle : Opinion


Let's deal honestly with guns

America's ritualized response to gun violence is no more comforting for being so familiar. The initial burst of horror. The ricochet of blame. The benumbed kin struggling to understand why guns are so readily available to people who are dangerous, reckless or disturbed.

There are peculiarities to this latest incident, in which two young journalists were killed and a woman was injured on Wednesday in Virginia. The shooting was broadcast on live television; the killer left a grisly trail on social media. What's consistent with previous violence is the gun.

Gun rights are protected in the Constitution, and the political environment is often (though not always) hostile to even the most rudimentary regulation of guns. But politicians are always eager to show how aggressively they fight crime. So maybe there's some benefit from a short explanation of how guns make crime worse.

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