MANSFIELD - A night of debauchery lead by two "shock jocks" hit the Tweeter Center Saturday in all of its profane glory. The Opie and Anthony Traveling Virus Tour came to Mansfield for the fourth stop of its nationwide tour.

Opie and Anthony of "The Opie and Anthony Radio Show" brought together a standout group of comedians that included Rich Vos, "Mad TV's" Frank Caliendo, Jim Norton, Bob Saget (yes, that Bob Saget, of "Full House" fame), Louis C.K., Carlos Mencia and others.

Now, to say that the comedy is blue is one thing, however, it should be noted that if any of the material were quoted in this review then there would be subsequent firings on the level of Don Imus, whom it should be noted many of the comedians, as well as Opie and Anthony, support.

The best way to describe it is by using one of the handful of quotable lines. Coming from the emcee, comedian Rich Vos, "O&A fans are the best fans because I do not have to be politically correct around them."

The material focused on mainly sex, but also relationships both friendly and otherwise, politics and family, but these guys can still be funny if you look past the fact that every single syllable may be utterly offensive to the average person.

Not to say that everyone was funny; some of the comedians seemed to push the envelope just to be able to push it, not because there was some purpose for doing so.

A lot of this material came from Bob Saget. Yes, if you have heard any of the rumors about how dirty he has become, it is all true, and some of it is put to song. However, he did apologize by saying that he is a really nice guy, but he just got screwed up by doing so many years of family television.

Everyone put in a strong performance, with each comedian having a stronger act than the last. As the night moved on, more and more people reacted by clapping, cheering and standing on their feet.

The weakest link was Frank Caliendo, who brought out the same tired material he's been doing on shows such as David Letterman. If you have seen any of these, then you have seen his act, which seems only to consist of impressions of John Madden and George Bush.

When Opie and Anthony did come in, halfway through the show, the crowd could barely be contained. They acted as the hosts for the bigger comedians and debuted video and animated shorts featuring regulars from their radio show.

If you are ever up for a night where you want to laugh and are not easily offended then try and get to the next Traveling Virus show. Or, if you can't, then see who was on the line up and check them out when they play a local club.

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anyone who pays for opie and anthony is just plain stupid


Meow A Thantastic show. The review should have mentioned how unbelievable author Jimmy Norton was.

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