To the editor:

Supreme Court decisions such as Citizens United have invalidated campaign finance laws that limit political contributions. These days, if you can’t donate a lot of money, you don’t have a voice in public affairs. This is a far cry from the democratic ideal of “one person, one vote” where every citizen has an equal say in decisions that affect us all.

The consequences of corporate influence are grave indeed, as the following examples show:

The fossil fuel industry has prevented our government from taking the lead in combating climate change.

The NRA has stopped legislators from proposing reasonable limits on gun ownership.

The pharmaceutical industry by effectively lobbying our government to relax enforcement of opioid use, has led to 200,000 Americans dying.

The financial industry by getting Congress to weaken the regulations that had stabilized our economy since the Great Depression led to the 2008 recession.

Passing Question 2 would send a message to our political leaders to set their partisan bickering aside and propose a Constitutional amendment to realize the vision of democratic government of, by and for the people.

Leo Immonen


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