To the editor:

The Complainer-in-chief whines, like a 5-year-old, to Fox News that Obama wasn’t blamed for the Charleston church massacre like he is being blamed, not for committing the act, but for abetting and promoting it with lies, which Obama has never done.

Always pointing a finger at someone else, he is never man enough to stand up and take the blame for his actions, like a spoiled child.

This is the Commander-in-chief of the biggest military in the world!

Sadly, his gullible base loves him, like the clown in a circus, preforming with his lies, made up on-the-spot conspiracy theories, and his cheer leader antics. His weird complaint is his predecessor, Barack Obama wasn’t criticized for the 2015 mass shooting at the Emanuel African Methodist Episcopal Church in Charleston, South Carolina, while Trump was blamed, correctly, for the Tree of Life shooting and the bomb attacks because of his unrealistic exaggerated way of hate speech.

Anyone who has viewed his campaign events knows he is directing his hate and anger toward many blameless individuals to benefit and protect himself. He is using the office of the president to bully people he fears and hates, cheered on by his “base” who are baseless.

Will the Grand Old Party ever defend itself, in public from the swamp this demented person has committed them, too?

Or will they sink ever deeper in the slime themselves?

John Wade


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