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  • August 29, 2015

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5 tips for settling into your new home

(BPT) - Though summer is winding down, for many families, hectic moving schedules are still underway. Whether you are moving this season or planning for a move in the near future, consider some helpful guidelines on packing up, moving out and settling in without a hitch — plus, the latest technologies to turn your new house into a home.

Here are five tips to help you minimize moving stress and settle in quickly:

Make a list, measure it twice. After celebrating the signing of your new home (congratulations!), it’s time to begin the moving process. Even before you start packing, it’s important, if possible, to visit your new home with a tape measure. Carefully measure and take note of the square footage and dimensions of every room in your new home. Do the same with any existing appliances and furniture you plan on relocating to your new home to ensure that everything fits through the door and in the space. LG's moving guide (www.lg.com/us/moving) is designed to help and includes tips on measuring your current appliances to make sure they’ll fit. If you’re purchasing new large appliances or furniture, be sure to measure everything in the store or take note of each item’s dimensions online to make sure it fits. Removing or replacing a refrigerator, for example, is a time-consuming and expensive task that can be avoided with careful planning. If you aren’t able to visit before moving in, ask your broker or real estate agent for a copy of the floor plan.

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Home Improvement

Easy Interior Upgrades to Add Beauty to Your Home

(StatePoint) Making home upgrades? Why not make style a priority? There are many easy ways to add beauty to your home in the most unlikely spaces.

Striking Bathroom

Performance and aesthetics can intersect when making bathroom changes. Upgrade water-hogging appliances with modern, efficient models that are stylish and easily maintained. These choices can save you money on water bills and time on cleaning day. 

Some designs, such as the Cascade high efficiency toilet (HET) from Mansfield Plumbing, even promote health. Its rimless design eliminates the germs and bacteria that hide in difficult-to-access areas. Both the round front bowl and elongated SmartHeight bowl design are approved to meet EPA standards for water efficiency, using just 1.28 gallons per flush -- a savings of 20 percent more water than older models.

If you have young children at home, consider adding a stylish Elementary juvenile toilet to a bathroom. Less than a foot high, the child-sized toilet makes potty training much more fun and successful.

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