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  • May 26, 2016

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Chatting with Vincent Valentine.

<p>Patriots' rookie defensive tackle Vincent Valentine.</p>

Patriots' rookie defensive tackle Vincent Valentine.

The Patriots' new defensive tackle from Nebraska took a while to get there, but he was pretty candid about the criticism he's heard and how it's motivating him as he transitions to the pros. Here's what he said Thursday at the rookie availability:

What has it been like?

It’s been amazing. It’s a great organization to be with, and I’m excited to put in work and get better each day. That’s always been a goal. I’m just excited to be around everybody and be around Coach Belichick, and learn from the best.

How much time have you had with the veterans?

We’ve been working with them for this first week. Through this week, we integrated in with those guys and it’s been good, just learning from the older guys and learning the ropes of everything, and just getting acclimated.

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