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Medfield High School

Age: 33

ABOUT HIM: Born and raised in Attleboro, graduated Attleboro High School and earned a bachelor’s degree in physical education with a concentration in teaching from Bridgewater State University. Currently teaching wellness at Medfield High School, he is continuing his education and earned a master’s degree in organizational management with a focus in administration from Endicott College. Lives in Attleboro with his wife Amanda, newborn son Rhett, and a pre-school foster son.

WHY YOUR FIELD? I pursued a career in wellness as I have always a had a passion for taking care of myself physically, mentally, spiritually, and emotionally and hoped to teach and help others to do the same.

BEST CAREER ADVICE: Pursue a career that you will enjoy and be excited about doing each and every day.

HARDEST LESSON LEARNED: A lesson that I am currently learning is to slow down and enjoy the moment. I have always been one to be on the go, whether assisting people with projects or just lending a hand wherever needed. Now with an infant and a toddler foster child, it is already becoming very clear that time goes by so fast and I am now seeing the importance of slowing down to take in each and every moment with my family.

MENTOR(S): My good friend, Ben Parker, played a large role as a mentor in my life. When I first began volunteering with the youth group at my church, Good News Bible Chapel, he was serving as the full-time youth pastor. While Ben was serving the youth in the community, he was simultaneously setting a great example for me of what it means to serve God and others.

GIVING BACK: Volunteered with the high school youth group at Good News Bible Chapel, where I served as a deacon and treasurer as well. Had the opportunity to go on mission trips to Canada, Ireland, Hartford, and most recently, the Dominican Republic to assist in building a house in a batey (village where the sugarcane workers live). I have donated PBSC (peripheral blood stem cells) for a bone marrow transplant for a stranger, and have served on the board of directors for Camp Berea, a Christian Camp in New Hampshire and Maine. And my wife and I are currently foster parents.

WHAT TALENT DO YOU WISH YOU HAD MOST THAT YOU DON'T NOW? After taking guitar lessons years ago and then continuing to teach myself for a short time after, I would love to find the time to get back to practicing and playing again.

WHAT AWARDS/RECOGNITIONS HAVE YOU RECEIVED IN YOUR CAREER? Dr. Mary Jo Moriarty Award (Outstanding service to the department and college); The Professor Johanne Smith Award (Leadership and excellence in student teaching); Bridgewater’s Best (Establishing a record of service in leadership on campus).