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Assistant to a consultant

Dewey Square Consultants

Age: 23

ABOUT HIM: Grew up in Attleboro, graduating from Attleboro High School with the class of 2013, and attending Boston University to study economics and political science. Lives in Attleboro.

WHY YOUR FIELD? Beyond a healthy appetite for political dramas like “The West Wing,” my interest in politics and government began at Attleboro High School and solidified in college. At AHS, I was a student representative to the school committee and played an active role in the hiring processes that produced a new high school principal and superintendent. During college, I spent my summers interning at various state political offices, worked on the 2016 presidential primary in New Hampshire, and elected to spend my undergraduate study abroad at an internship in Washington, DC. Through these experiences I gained an appreciation for the consequential nature of governance and the value of contributing to issues that affect our community, state, and country – principles which continue to guide me in my field today.

BEST CAREER ADVICE: Network. And by “network,” I mean focus on creating lasting relationships in your field. Sitting down for a cup of coffee and asking about someone’s career path can go a long way in helping cement one’s own career goals as well as help forge new professional relationships. Colleagues can be very giving about lessons-learned from their own experiences, and, at a very basic level, we are all in the same boat when first starting out.

HARDEST LESSON LEARNED: The hardest lesson I had to learn is that you can’t plan for everything life is going to throw at you. I like to craft a plan and stick to it, but as life would have it, you can’t possibly “plan” for every situation or roadblock. I look forward to never having to learn this lesson over again, but we all know that is just not how life works.

MENTOR(S): My parents have always been tremendous mentors of mine. Beyond doing things like driving me to little league practice, they have always given me great advice throughout college, career, and life decisions, for which I am always grateful. Dave Murphy has also been an outstanding friend and mentor to me over the years. His counsel when it came to things like college essay topics, Red Sox history, and public service opportunities has been unparalleled, and I appreciate everything he’s given to me and to this community.

GIVING BACK: I had the great pleasure of working as a volunteer coordinator with the Build Blue Pride Ballot Question Committee advocating for a “Yes” vote in the recent election for a new Attleboro High School. Together with fellow committee members and countless dedicated volunteers, we knocked on doors, made calls, sent detailed information and hosted events – all in an effort to articulate the need for a new Attleboro High School and the advancement of our broader public school system – a cause which everyone stands to benefit from. One of my favorite parts of the campaign was working with so many high school students who, despite never being able to directly benefit from the new AHS, gave their evenings and weekends to volunteering with the campaign. After all, if there is anyone who knows we need a new high school, it’s them, and I appreciate all of their hard work and efforts.

WHAT TALENT DO YOU WISH YOU HAD MOST THAT YOU DON'T NOW? I’d love to improve as a graphic designer. Presenting information in a way that is both visually appealing and informative is a difficult task, but one which is critically important toward getting a message across, particularly for an informational campaign.

WHAT AWARDS/RECOGNITIONS HAVE YOU RECEIVED IN YOUR CAREER? I graduated summa cum laude from college, which was a tremendous honor for my entire family. I am also approaching the one-year anniversary at my first job.