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Change Management Specialist

Raytheon Company

Age: 39

ABOUT HER: Born and raised in Swansea, she earned a bachelor of science degree in computer science at Assumption College, followed by a dual master’s degree in teaching and English from Salem State University. She and her family moved to Attleboro to be closer to their extended family.

WHY YOUR FIELD? In college I enjoyed the problem-solving aspects of computer science. Since getting in the field I have gravitated towards working with people, in more service-provider roles. I also enjoy writing and teaching, and have really found a home on my communications and learning team, where I can use my training and writing expertise as a way to bridge the technical and practical.

BEST CAREER ADVICE: Find your passion. Is it animals? The environment? Helping other people less fortunate? If you’re lucky, your passion intersects with your career. But if it doesn’t, then advocate for your passion in your spare time. There are so many ways to help. Volunteer. Join a group online. Become a member of Greenpeace, or support the American Civil Liberties Union. Dive in and learn about your passion. Follow those who know more than you; share with those who know less. If you can, get out and volunteer in person. Incorporate your passions into your daily life. It can be big or small. For instance, I love to garden and always welcome the neighborhood kids into my garden beds to plant seeds or taste the mint and strawberries and peas. We all have the power to make the world a better place.

HARDEST LESSON LEARNED: The only thing in life you have control over is yourself. Although this can seem scary at first, realizing this can actually be a great relief! You only have to live your own life. And therein lies the challenge, pleasure and endless possibilities.

MENTOR(S): My mentors in life have mostly been women. My mom was my biggest mentor, always there for me and guiding me with her practical, compassionate wisdom. She passed away from pancreatic cancer in 2008, but her life lessons, generosity and love influence my daily decisions. Both of my other mentors were also passionate, supportive women. My high school librarian Kris Lucca and my friend and colleague Kathleen Rizzuto helped guide me in pursuit of my dreams and showed me how to be a strong woman in this world.

GIVING BACK: I serve on the board of Attleboro for Education, which advocates for education in Attleboro by raising awareness of the school system’s funding and benefits, and mobilizes residents to take targeted action to ensure our city enables and supports/funds Attleboro public schools’ continued growth. We were thrilled that this April the majority of voters voted to support a new Attleboro High School. I also serve on the board of directors for Action Together Massachusetts, a women-founded and women-led organization working to support and strengthen the ideals of American democracy. Its goal is to create a politically and socially engaged community that holds itself, elected officials and institutions accountable for fulfilling the promise of our diverse, democratic nation. I have recently become a Sandy Hook Promise Leader and am working with the Attleboro school department to bring the no-cost Sandy Hook Promise preventative programs to Attleboro. I’m very excited about these programs, which are about creating healthy, welcoming and safe environments for all students in our schools. And I also volunteer in the classroom at my child’s elementary school.

WHAT TALENT DO YOU WISH YOU HAD MOST THAT YOU DON'T NOW? I wish I were a better networker. Networking doesn’t come intuitively to me and I sometimes find myself self-conscious.

WHAT AWARDS/RECOGNITIONS HAVE YOU RECEIVED IN YOUR CAREER? IT Honors Honoree in 2018, recognized by my peers, and the Global Business Services Excellence Award 2017.