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Xaverian Brothers High School in Westwood.

WESTWOOD - Headmaster Brother Daniel Skala has announced the following Attleboro area students who have been named to the honor roll for the first marking period of the 2016-2017 school year.

The Xaverian Brothers High School honor roll has different designations:

RYKEN HONORS: All grades of 90 or above.

FIRST HONORS: All grades of 85 or above.

SECOND HONORS: All grades of 80 or above.

Note that the school released the names of students from eight of the 10 communities served by The Sun Chronicle. The school specifically said that it doesn't have any students in either Rehoboth or Seekonk.

Attleboro: Aidan McSheffrey, 2019, Second Honors; Jacob Piccuito, 2017, First Honors.

Foxboro: Tanner Alexander, 2020; Second Honors; Teagan Alexander, 2020, Second Honors; Michael Barrett, 2020; Second Honors; Kevin Barrett, 2022, First Honors; Nolan Barry, 2022, Ryken Honors; Christian Brady, 2019, First Honors; Steven Bridges, 2022, First Honors; Brent Cehelsky, 2018, Second Honors; Justice Ciampa, 2021, Second Honors; Cooper DeVeau, 2019, Second Honors; Michael Devlin, 2020, First Honors; Luke Ferguson, 2021, First Honors; Michael Karshis, 2022, Ryken Honors; Stefano Lanci, 2020, Second Honors; Greyson Munroe, 2018, First Honors; Kevin O'Keefe, 2020, Second Honors; Nathaniel Parkman, 2017; Second Honors; Reece Rappoli, 2020, Second Honors; Samuel Regan, 2018; First Honors; Connor Souza, 2020, First Honors; Liam Stephanos, 2018, First Honors; Dylan Tierney, 2020, First Honors; Andrew Todd, 2018, First Honors; Peter Todd, 2019, First Honors; Joseph Rombalski, 2017, Ryken Honors.

Mansfield: Mackenzie Baratta, 2017, Second Honors; Roman Baratta, 2019, Second Honors; Alec Coia, 2018, Second Honors; Christopher Coyle, 2017, First Honors; Alexander DiMartino, 2020, First Honors; Jacob DiMartino, 2019, Second Honors; Quinn Doherty, 2020, Second Honors; Michael Fitzgibbons, 2018, Ryken Honors; Jacob Loncar, 2019, First Honors; Christopher Marcheselli, 2018, First Honors; Ryan Martin, 2020, Second Honors; Ryan McCormick, 2017, First Honors; Shamus McCormick, 2019, Second Honors; Jack Mullert, 2020, Second Honors; Cal Oberlander, 2017, Ryken Honors; John Pignato, 2018, Second Honors; Adam Salachi, 2018, Second Honors; Thomas Underwood, 2017, First Honors; Zachary Walnista, 2019, First Honors; Ryan West, 2017, Ryken Honors.

Norfolk: Benjamin Alfond, 2020, First Honors; Robert Bedard, 2018, Second Honors; John Dugan, 2020, Second Honors; Vincent Gilchrist, 2021, Second Honors; Michael Hart, 2020, Second Honors; Brian Hayward, 2020, First Honors; Cianan Heaney, 2019, Second Honors; Colin Howe, 2020, First Honors; Benjamin Karasko, 2020, Ryken Honors; Trajan Kump, 2022, Ryken Honors; Aidan Kump, 2019, First Honors; Nicholas Lambros, 2022, Second Honors; Kevin Longmoore, 2017, First Honors; Peter Mackey, 2017, First Honors; Blake Monjar, 2018, First Honors; James Ralff, 2017, First Honors; Emmett Roy, 2020, First Honors; Lucas Sarkar, 2020, Second Honors; Connor Smith, 2020, Second Honors; Colin Steck, 2020, First Honors; Truman Strug, 2019, Second Honors; Conor Sullivan, 2017, First Honors; Matthew Tuccillo, 2021, First Honors.

North Attleboro: James Landry, 2020, First Honors; Joseph Landry, 2017, First Honors; Siddharth Mallareddygari, 2021; Ryken Honors; Zachary Sheridan, 2020, Second Honors.

Norton: Griffin Barros, 2020, Second Honors; Aidan McLaughlin, 2017, First Honors; Cameron Russell, 2020, First Honors.

Plainville: Matthew Brinker, 2022, Ryken Honors; Cole Dumas, 2020, Ryken Honors; Spencer Dumas, 2022, Ryken Honors; Matthew Murray, 2022, First Honors.

Wrentham: Tyler Barros, 2022, First Honors; Ryan DeFlaminis, 2019, Second Honors; Casey Driscoll, 2018, First Honors; Cormac Foley, 2019; First Honors; Liam Foley, 2021; Ryken Honors; Drew Miller, 2017, Second Honors; Conor O'Callaghan, 2019, Second Honors; John Steponaitis, 2020, Second Honors; William Zeller, 2019, First Honors.

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