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Pictured from left are: Erin Burke, Raymond Zhang, Lynne Jewett, Lucy Clarke and Gail Wood. (Submitted photo)

ATTLEBORO - Sturdy Memorial Hospital recently honored 117 senior volunteers and 76 student interns for their contributions to the hospital and Sturdy Memorial Associates practices during fiscal year 2016. A total of 966 volunteers and students gave 71,841 hours during the year in various patient and non-patient service areas.

Senior volunteers honored from Sun Chronicle area communities were:


Certificate of Service - Khadija Barka, George Boler, Virginia Carr, Monica O'Melia, Jennifer Sikov, Paula Perez, Oscar Ruiz, Mariuca Tuxbury.

100 Hour Pin - Joanne Allard, Erin Burke, Paula Houghton, Maria Marcia, Janis Savage, Janice Simmons, Judy Webb, Brian Wentworth, Gail Winters White, Mary Vandal.

500 Hour Pin - Michael Araujo, Lynn Gale, Donna Shanks, Leda Slater, Barbara Stapleton, Jo-Ann Ventola.

1,000 Hour Pin - Julio Galindo, Constance Stark, Martha Gagnon, Bonnie Wilkinson.

1,500 Hour Pin - Evet Hana, Patricia LaCroix.

2,500 Hour Pin - Suzanne Jette, Lynne Jewett.

4,500 Hour Pin - Doris Murray.

5,500 Hour Pin - Arlene Doherty, George Serpa.

6,500 Hour Pin - Lucy Clarke.

27,000 Hour Pin - Janina Towl.


Certificate of Service - Gabriele Cohen, Sylvia Miller, Luciana Moreira.

3,000 Hour Pin - Maxine Kelsey.


Certificate of Service - Veronica Lingo, Pat Olsen.

100 Hour Pin - Mabel Badger, Nicholas Pacella.

500 Hour Pin - Marjorie Dunn, Debora Wirth.

North Attleboro

Certificate of Service - Josiah Boirard, Adam Brodeur, Kimberly Cavalieri,

Madhavi Parmar.

100 Hour Pin - Tracy Conrad, Patricia McLaughlin, Sridevi Sridhar.

500 Hour Pin - Beverly Procopio, Dorothy Tripp.

1,500 Hour Pin - Jeanne Tougas.

2,000 Hour Pin - Mary Twiraga

2,500 Hour Pin - Ann Addessi.

3,500 Hour Pin - Jean Lefebvre, Judy Lewis.

4,500 Hour Pin - Brian James, Alice Sadoski.


Certificate of Service - Pearl French, Rebecca Kelly, Kimberly Lagasse,

Kelly Ludew, Justice Mitchell, Sara Santini, Kimberly Williams, Malik Zaza,

Raymond Zhang.

100 Hour Pin - Meagan Elliott, Christine Lattouf, Ao Shi, Gloria Trecartin.

500 Hour Pin - Laura Demers.

1,500 Hour Pin - Jean Falke.


100 Hour Pin - Martin Gagne.

1,000 Hour Pin - George Begin.

3,000 Hour Pin - Karen Drought.


Certificate of Service - Joshua Rego.

100 Hour Pin - Sandy Carter.

500 Hour Pin - Craig Stevens.


Certificate of Service - Lisa Hughes, Joyce O'Flanagan.

4,500 Hour Pin - Richard Goyette.


500 Hour Pin - Charles Birmingham.

4,000 Hour Pin - Anne Hickman.

Student interns

Student interns who received a Certificate of Service are:

Attleboro: Katie Adams, Theresa Becker, Julie Bollinger, Samantha Cohen,

Jessica DeAndrade, Elizabeth Mulcahy, Anne Rogers, Robin Young.

Foxboro: Kellyann Florentino.

Mansfield: Allison Smith.

North Attleboro: Brendan Burns, Kaleigh Howarth, Melissa Meunier, Nicole Meyer.

Norton: Christopher Caulfield, Micayla Valeri.

Rehoboth: Meghan Aldrich, Tracy Schuler.

Wrentham: Kelsey Halpin.

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