"I just had a ton of pre-existing damage and if I was 28 instead of 58 it would get better a lot faster." - Gov. Charlie Baker on why he is still on crutches since he aggravated a foot tendon injury in September.

"Children who are often adopted from overseas and desperate for family connection and stability can potentially end up in the hands of sexual predators with little more than a handshake between the original adoptive parent and the new individual or family. If safety of our children is a priority for the state, then this loophole must be closed." - Erin Bradley, executive director of the Children's League of Massachusetts, on the bill aimed at stopping rehoming which is when an adoptive parent who feels he or she can no longer care for the child, arranges for another person to take custody of the child without the knowledge or approval of the government and adoption agencies.

"The results of (last week's) municipal elections are clear. Women candidates not only win open seats, but also tough races against incumbents. But we also know that our fight continues to elect more women to office at both the local and state levels." - Ann Murphy of the Massachusetts Women's Political Caucus Political Action Committee.

"While this executive order will certainly level the playing field for Lesbian, Gay Bisexual, Transgender (LGBT) business owners, it does nothing to protect transgender people, including business owners, when they are patronizing Massachusetts businesses. Currently, the commonwealth does not expressly protect transgender people from discrimination in public places such as supermarkets, parks, hospitals and restaurants." - Kasey Suffredini, Co-Chair of the Freedom Massachusetts Coalition on Gov. Charlie Baker's executive order updating the state's supplier diversity program to include businesses owned by LGBT people.

"Our public colleges and universities educate much of our public and private sector leaders and are critical to the economic security of our nation. These institutions must be accessible to students of all backgrounds and reflect the diversity of experiences, perspectives and ideas necessary to compete in a global economy." - Attorney General Maura Healey upon filing a brief in the U.S. Supreme Court urging it to allow public colleges and universities the flexibility to design admissions policies that take race into account as one of many relevant factors.

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