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Pat Brown, right, is the CEO of Rent Sons, a company that hires young people to help others with “odd jobs” such as painting, yard work and moving. Mansfield native Collin Gallagher, sitting, is the company’s “community builder” for the Hockomock/Bristol County area. Also pictured is Gallagher’s stepfather, Tom Sheehan.

A Rhode Island-based company that specializes in having college-age young adults do the “odd jobs” people need done is making its way into the area.

Mansfield native Collin Gallagher, 21, has taken the position of “community builder” for Rent Sons in the Hockomock/Bristol County area.

Gallagher said he got involved with the company when his friend shared a promotional video for it on Facebook. He said he was drawn by “how it was about uniting communities and doing odd jobs, something that I had always enjoyed doing with my dad.

“I thought it seemed like a great opportunity.”

Founded in Little Compton in 2017, Rent Sons trumpets the idea of community building in its marketing, and refers to employees as “sons” and “daughters.”

“Rent Sons is focused on helping and getting to know people!,” the company declares on its website. “All of the Neighbors we’ve helped over the years have special relationships with their Sons in ways that go far beyond helping them with an odd job around the house.”

Gallagher worked as a “son” last summer and says it was the best summer of his life. As a community builder, his job will be “to advertise, recruit, and essentially build the foundation of this community,” he said. “To put it on the track of uniting people with other people.”

Along with this area, Rent Sons is expanding into Boston and Cape Cod, Gallagher said.

Rent Sons charges $35 an hour for each worker sent to a job, which could be landscaping, painting, cleaning or moving furniture. But sometimes the odd-ball jobs are very odd.

“I know somebody who worked three straight weeks for someone trying to find their lost family turtle,” Gallagher recalled with a laugh. Unfortunately, the beloved pet was not found.

“Our saying is, ‘Any job for one hourly rate,’” Gallagher said. “We’re about half the rate of professionals.”

Along with taking care of odd jobs, Gallagher said the company strives to “instill purpose in young kids in order to help them live life to the fullest.”

“It’s ironic, we live in the most connected area in history with cellphones, but for some reason we’re still lacking this purpose,” he said. “We want to find that purpose and make intentional human connections.”

Rent Sons plans on eventually expanding nationwide, but will do so deliberately, Gallagher said.

“We’d much rather go slow and make sure we’re doing a good job than just go nationally,” he said. “We’re trying to make a connection with every town we encounter; taking it town by town rather than state by state or region by region.”

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