Easter eggs clip

Attleboro sober house gives back

The 34 residents of Warrior’s Path House on Newport Avenue (Route 1A) in South Attleboro spent Sunday assembling 250 Easter baskets for the Hebron Food Pantry of Attleboro. “The group had a wonderful time working on their sobriety while serving their community,” said Jeffrey Rosenspan, house director. “Our residents have relied on Hebron for years, for food assistance and for volunteer work. We are glad for the opportunity to give back.”

Plainville cop turns firefighter

Police are often the first on the scene of a fire. That was the case last week when Officer Jim Moses arrived at a smoky oven fire on Terry Lane in Plainville. Moses was on patrol close by and used the extinguisher in his cruiser to put out the fire and likely prevent more significant damage.

What was that shaking?

If you thought you felt a strange and strong vibration late Friday morning, you weren’t alone. Some on social media speculated that an earthquake had hit the area, but the National Weather Service in Norton says there were no such reports from the U.S. Geological Survey. USGS officials say it could have been a sonic boom from an airplane or meteor or space junk entering earth’s atmosphere. The Federal Aviation Administration also had no reports of anything unusual happening in the skies. While relatively rare, earthquakes do take place in this part of the country, and there have been a few minor ones in recent years.

Pets, candy and lilies don’t mix

Easter may be over, but lots of us still have leftover candy and lilies from the holiday, and they both pose a serious danger to pets. In fact, they could lead to an emergency trip to your veterinarian. Chocolate contains a naturally occurring stimulant called theobromine that is similar to caffeine. If enough is ingested, it can be toxic to dogs and cats. Easter lilies are very dangerous to felines. The toxins harm their kidneys and often cause symptoms like vomiting, drooling, lethargy, and appetite loss. Cats can develop tremors or have seizures, and ingesting even a small piece of a lily plant can lead to kidney failure and death. Every part of the lily plant is toxic and cats can get sick even by licking pollen off their fur or drinking lily vase water, according to Trupanion, a national medical insurance provider for pets.

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