ATTLEBORO — Sturdy Memorial Hospital recently honored 92 senior volunteers and 110 student interns for their contributions to the hospital and Sturdy Memorial Associates practices during fiscal year 2019.

The volunteers and students gave a total of 65,960 hours during the year in various patient and non-patient service areas. Senior volunteers from the area honored were:


  • Received Certificate for 25 hours of service: Rose Casimir, Keri Gordun, Diane Keenan, Ivy Knight, Brian Osorio, Ruth Ottmar, Ashley Pearson, Delia Tinory, Natalia Yovanos.
  • Received 100 Hour Pin: Joan Lindstrom, Carol Menard, Wanda Mucciaccio, Norma Oliveira, Eduarda Rocha, Adriana Solari, Lorraine Taylor, James Whelan.
  • Received 500 Hour Pin: David Carter, Shyama Ganatra, Muniza Khatib, Janis Savage.
  • Received 1,000 Hour Pin: Joanne Allard, Michael Murphy, George Silva, Jo-Ann Ventola.
  • Received 1,500 Hour Pin: Leda Slater
  • Received 2,000 Hour Pin: Martha Gagnon, Bonnie Wilkinson
  • Received 2,500 Hour Pin: Noela Pino
  • Received 3,500 Hour Pin: Lynne Jewett
  • Received 6,000 Hour Pin: Robert Hunter


  • Received 1,500 Hour Pin: Donna Shanks
  • Received 3,000 Hour Pin: Patricia LaCroix


  • Received Certificate for 25 hours of service: Devlin Reuss, Ian Reuss, Emma Weihrauch
  • Received 100 Hour Pin: Joseph Gerraughty
  • Received 500 Hour Pin: Pauline Higgins, Lois Sullivan


  • Received Certificate for 25 hours of service: Jill McLoughlin
  • Received 100 Hour Pin: James Adams, Michael Eagan
  • Received 500 Hour Pin: Helen Sands
  • Received 1,000 Hour Pin: Mabel Badger
  • Received 1,500 Hour Pin: Debora Wirth


  • Received Certificate for 25 hours of service: Sally Fortier, Liliana Mendizibal
  • Received 100 Hour Pin: Jeanne Feeley, Bindu Gupta
  • Received 500 Hour Pin: Lisa Callahan, Shweta Kitchloo
  • Received 1,000 Hour Pin: Denise Tougas
  • Received 5,000 Hour Pin: Jean Lefebvre
  • Received 5,500 Hour Pin: Brian James
  • Received Certificate for 25 hours of service: Eduardo Vitorino


  • Received Certificate for 25 hours of service: Fiona Hart, Ann Kennedy, Luis Lazo, Matthew Morgan, Sarah Pritchard, Emily Schlapak, Kyra Schwartzman
  • Receiveed 100 Hour Pin: Tong Chen


  • Received Certificate for 25 hours of service: Yvette Tessier
  • Received 100 Hour Pin: Vidula Jadhav, Lavanya Kancharia
  • Received 2,000 Hour Pin: Charles Birmingham
  • Received 2,500 Hour Pin: George Begin
  • Received 3,500 Hour Pin: Karen Drought


  • Received Certificate for 25 hours of service: Zachary Stebbings, Kathleen Stevens, James Torres
  • Received 1,500 Hour Pin: Craig Stevens
  • Received 8,500 Hour Pin: Leona DeCrosta


  • Received 100 Hour Pin: Marcia Dacosta
  • Received 4,000 Hour Pin: Jeanne Goyette


Student Interns who received a Certificate of Service were:

Attleboro: Marlena Adams, Amelia Amadon, Melissa Canitez, Stephanie Ducharme, Angela Dziok, Erin Hennigan, Dawn Enos, Andrea Machowski, Mason Menard, Ramdal Mendez, Sopheak Tum

Foxboro: Elizabeth Gaulin, Catherine Hughes

Mansfield: Kriselda Genovese, Vinita Mistry, Aastha Sheth

North Attleboro: Jillian Boraski, Abigail Donahue, Alexandra Kostaras, April Mooney, Thomas Nguyen, Katrina Wiese

North Dighton: Alexis Harris

Norton: Larissa Dewar

Rehoboth: Abigail Crowell, Rebecca Habershaw, Douglas Hyson, Thomas Ranley, Michael Santos

Seekonk: Jazmine Bryson, Debra Cabral

South Attleboro: Naomi Siwy, Arisa Smusz

Wrentham: Alexandra Achin, Amanda Davis

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