Train Commuters

A commuter train arrives at the Mansfield train station.

The town is changing the payment vendor for parking in commuter lots.

Payments will be accepted with ParkMobile and the new vendor, PayByPhone, through July 31, when commuters will have had to switch to the latter.

They are encouraged to switch as soon as possible, however.

PayByPhone is the vendor that is used at MBTA-managed lots and will make it easier for people who may use different stations and will also provide a cost savings to the town, Mansfield officials said.

A representative from PayByPhone last week handed out information at the train platform.

Commuters may download an app in the App Store or on Google Play. Use location #1588 when at Mansfield Station. For more information, visit the town website at

Compost program offered

A company, Black Earth Compost, is providing curbside collection of compost in Mansfield.

To create an account, visit the town website at

When 200 Mansfield households are signed up, the price will be lowered 30 percent to $69.99 for six months — $2.31 per week or $12.99 per month.

Composting bins are available through the town.

Purchase a 13-gallon bin at the DPW office for $18 and pick it up at the Mansfield Green recycling center.

One with a locking lid and wheels costs $24.

For $10 more, get a compost starter kit that includes bags and liners.

Liners are required but can be brown paper bags if double lined.

Contact Black Earth Compost with questions at email

Stephen Peterson can be reached at 508-236-0377.

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