Alicia Mitchell

Alicia Mitchell listens during arraignment as the prosecution presents its case Thursday at the Attleboro District Court. She is alleged to have made a hoax hostage call that prompted a large police response to a Norton apartment complex.

 NORTON — A Boston woman was ordered held on $7,500 bail Thursday for allegedly instigating a hoax hostage-taking that tied up police for over five hours Wednesday.

Alicia Mitchell, 36, stood mute at her arraignment before Judge Steven Thomas on several charges including of falsely reporting a crime, disturbing the peace and interfering with a police investigation.

Her alleged call Wednesday led to a massive police response including a swat team and the temporary closing of Route 123 while police attempted to negotiate by text and phone a person they assumed was the intruder.

Police eventually broke down the door, finding four people inside, only to learn that the call reporting the hostage taking came from Boston and was apparently a hoax.

The drama began around 3 a.m. Wednesday when police received a 911 call reporting that a man with a gun was holding a woman hostage inside an apartment at 274 East Main St.

According to Assistant District Attorney Mary Elizabeth Mack, the female occupant of the apartment said she had been unaware of the police presence and the apartment was not the source of the calls. She did tell police that she had recently broken up with Mitchell, feared her, and had barricaded the door against her return.

Mack said the woman also received texts from Mitchell during the purported standoff. Police, using the woman’s phone, managed to track Mitchell’s location and informed Boston police who placed her under arrest at her home.

She said Mitchell has an extensive record, including drug offenses.

Mitchell’s court-appointed attorney said her client was not a threat to flee and asked that she be released on personal recognizance pending a May 22 probable cause hearing.

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