ben and jerry

Meet Ben and Jerry. We have 2 of the cutest little gifts from heaven. These adorable and extremely affectionate pups are available for your chance to adopt a bundle of love. They are 13 weeks old and have had their first round of puppy shots and are rabies vaccinated. Our boys are micro-chipped but still to young to be fixed. We are going to adopt them out separately in order to spread the love of these two angels.

If you are interested in Ben, Jerry or any of the wonderful animals at NAAS, please call 508-699-0128 or email us at

Even if you are not currently looking to adopt an animal, you can still help the shelter by donating one of the following items: 39 gal. or larger garbage bags, Pine Sol, bleach, paper towels and moist cat food, dry cat, and kitten food, fresh vegetables and Timothy hay. We also collect returnable bottles, cans, and glass at the shelter to help the animals in various way.