To the editor:

By now, hopefully you have seen the banner of Foxboro High School seniors, which is proudly displayed on the front lawn of town hall. The banner was generously made possible by donations from all Foxboro High School sports team boosters and a music donation. Thank you to everyone for your generous donations and support to celebrate the class of 2021.

We would also like to thank the many folks who supported our efforts to create this sign and display it for all to enjoy. Thank you very much Ellen Pillsbury for your quick work getting the digital photos and answering my many questions. Thank you Diana Myers-Pachla and Barbara Doherty for supporting the banner and securing parent permissions. Thank you to Chestnut Hill Studios for creating the images for the banner free of charge. And, thank you to Proforma Printing and Promotion for creating this beautiful banner.

We also want to thank our town manager, Bill Keegan, and his staff for allowing us to hang the banner at town hall and a special thank you to Katie Lang in his office for taking all of my phone calls and being an advocate for this project from the start. Thank you to Chris Gallagher for figuring out how to hang the banner and all who helped you to actually hang it up. And, thank you Barry Ringler for your guidance with town bylaws and what can and can’t be done with signage in town. We learned a lot through this process.

We hope the town will enjoy the banner and celebrate our senior class this spring. They have certainly had a non-traditional senior year and have handled it well. We wish them all the best and lots of success as they embark on new adventures in the fall. Congratulations on achieving this important milestone and Happy graduation to all!

Lisa and Brian Quinn, Foxboro