In 2015, Joshua Jacobson, a 17-year-old Foxboro native, joined the Jewish Teen Foundation of Greater Boston in an effort to meet more Jewish teens and learn more about nonprofits.

Three years later Jacobson has fallen in love with philanthropy, and aims to make a career out of it.

The organization gives Jewish teens in the area the opportunity to build and run a grant-making foundation.

Jacobson serves as the student mediator on the advisory council, where he guides the team’s decisions and discussions.

Each year, his team picks a cause to raise money for and eventually donate to appropriate nonprofits. Last year, they raised $20,000 for mental health awareness with a focus on veterans.

They donated the money to Boston Health Care for the Homeless Program, Brothers for Life and Screening for Mental Health.

They also raised another $20,000 for domestic violence, and donated it to Jewish Family & Children’s Service, The Second Step and the National Coalition Against Domestic Violence.

This year, his team aims to raise $60,000 for sexual assault awareness.

Jacobson and his team will write a request for proposal for their mission, along with a grant.

Jacobson, who is also on Foxboro High’s student council, said being a part of the foundation has changed how he views the world.

“My understanding of the needs of the world around me broadened,” he said. “I’ve learned a great deal about working in teams and fundraising.

Jacobson hopes to continue philanthropy work when he attends college next year. His ultimate goal is to build his own business centered around social work.

“I just love giving back to the community and just making the less fortunate feel that people really do care about them,” he said.

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