Central St. Garage takes on all challenges

The staff at Central Street Garage can diagnose your car's troubles, or tow your car without damage: back row, Dave Dragun, left, and owner Paul C. Rogers; front row, Paul M. Rogers, left, and Allan Lackey.

Cars have changed. If you don't believe it just consider the computers that make the things go. They are complex and, some would say, possessed. One glitch can cause automotive symptoms seemingly far removed from the source, and can lead a technician on a diagnostic adventure.

These are the challenges from which Paul Rogers and his staff at Central Street Garage don't back away.

"The changes go deeper than computers," said Rogers, owner of Central Street Garage, located across from Foxfield Plaza on Central Street. "Customer needs are changing too. Maintenance is the key. Those car owners who routinely opt for preventative maintenance will have fewer problems."

Using one of the largest data banks in the nation combined with modern diagnostic equipment, old-fashioned willingness to listen and the ability to communicate in laymen's terms, Central Street Garage can solve almost all your automotive problems.

Rogers has more than 25 years extensive background in the auto service industry, including being one of the first members of the Blue Hills Technical Institute post-graduate automotive technology program more than 25 years ago.

His teacher was Brad Sears, who for a time lived in Foxboro and was host of PBS-TV's "Last Chance Garage." Now living in New Hampshire, Sears is still known as a crackerjack diagnostician, always in the forefront of the industry.

Paul understands the key to making customers happy, given today's advanced auto technology, is to combine service second to none with quality diagnostic and repair work, using state-of-the-art tools.

He offers a full-service facility — from towing to repairs. In addition to Rogers himself, Central Street Garage auto technicians include Dave Dragun and Paul Rogers Jr., while Allan Lackey serves as office manager.

They are prepared to diagnose and repair the most complex transmission, computer, fuel injection or electronic problems.

They are also prepared to tow your car without damage.

"The towing business has changed. Cars are smaller and lighter, and have new body designs," Paul said. "In the older cars you could hook chains onto the car and use a sling under the front bumper to pick it up. With newer cars, this could do considerable damage. We have purchased all new equipment, specifically wheel lifts, and can now tow all cars without damage."

Can tow anything

Central Street Garage trucks tow everything from the smallest to the biggest. The emergency road service tow trucks are on call 24 hours a day.

If a car needs to be hauled on a flatbed, no problem. Flatbed trucks are also found in the Central Street Garage fleet, as is one of the biggest trucks in the area, used for RVs and larger trucks.

It's also not unusual to see Central Street Garage trucks hauling some of Foxboro's most precious cargos — such as one of their flatbeds overloaded with bags of Christmas gifts for the Foxboro Discretionary Fund adopt-a-child program, or carrying a smiling group of children in the annual Founder's Day parade.

Add Paul Rogers' commitment to community service on New Years Eve. His "Tow for Life" program is available to anyone in town who can't drive home after partying and drinking too much alcohol. Call 508-543-9611 for a free ride and tow, no questions asked, and be assured that you and your family will start the New Year off without worry.

Central Street Garage has a great selection of used cars and trucks for sale. All vehicles go through their meticulous inspection. Central Street Garage fully stands behind every vehicle sold.

If you simply have questions, Paul feels the educated consumer is the best consumer. He'll help you stay informed.

It is unusual in today's auto business to find one shop that will do it all and care about how it gets done. Paul Rogers' Central Street Garage is, therefore, an unusual business.

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