Medical weight loss now at Head To Toes Salon

Before and after: Medical weight loss is now at Head 2 Toes Salon.

The Studio at H2T, Head To Toes Salon and Day Spa's medispa division, is officially launching the HCG Diet by Jospeh A. Russo, MD for 2017!

The Studio's registered nurse, Matt Azulay-LaFever, lost 44 lbs. over an eight-week program along with the salon's hairstylist, John, who has lost over 60 lbs. so far on a 12-week program. After mastering the program by successfully going through it, Matt decided to bring the program to Foxboro along with the Studio's NP, Kim Cohn. Both Matt and Kim were trained by Dr. Russo in the use of his protocols and theory.

What is HCG? Human Chorionic Gonadotropin is an amino acid that is believed by some medical professionals to help the body use up its abnormal stored fat when used as an adjunct to a lower calorie diet. Is it safe to use in both men and women and is everyone a candidate?

Matt explains that, "We have all been exposed to HCG and at much higher levels at one point in our lives, when we were in the womb." Candidates must undergo a medical screening per Dr. Russo's protocols including a review of medical history, consultation and blood work.

"For the safety and integrity of the program, there are a few contraindications and concerns that we must screen for. This program is designed for the generally healthy individual who struggles to reach their goals," says Matt.

Matt says that although HCG has been used in conjunction with dieting since the 1930s, Dr. Russo's protocols are not at all similar to those most widely-used today.

"We are licensed to use Dr. Sheri Emma's modernized protocols developed from her work in research. Unlike the standard 500 calorie diet many use, our protocols are based on an individual analysis of each patient and aspects are customized to individual needs," he says. "The diet is high quality and clean. Weekly coaching sessions with a registered nurse or nurse practitioner mean that you are not on this journey alone."

Dr. Russo originally rolled this program out as an adjunct to his Newton plastic surgery practice to help improve outcomes and results for his patients.

What's involved?

How long and how much is the program?

The program is administered in 4, 8 or 12-week blocks of time. Length of time is determined by body fat analysis and an individual's goals. Pricing for the program starts at $1,200.

The program includes body composition analysis, blood draw and labs, lab review and medical clearance, program materials, injection materials including prescription HCG, weekly weigh-ins and coaching visits, access to a coach via email in between, taper and transition protocols and maintenance handbook at the end.

What is involved?

The diet is the most important part of the program. Adherence to the protocols for the length of the program mean eliminating fats, carbohydrates, dairy and alcohol. Matt describes this as eating "clean" and similar to a Paleo type diet for those that may be familiar. Prohibited foods are later slowly reintroduced in the maintenance phase.

Matt, who completed the program, says the diet can be delicious and creative with commitment to preparation and planning ahead. "We will give you tips and advice to help you along the way.Your program coach will also instruct you on self-injection technique. HCG is injected into the fat tissue of the abdomen every morning much like insulin. Most patients report feeling more energy than usual and even that they sleep better."

Are the results maintainable?

Matt emphasizes that lifestyle changes are key to long-term success. Making healthy choices is a lifetime commitment and a priority in your coaching. You also learn to eat less and listen to your body's signals.

"The patients that we have worked with in addition to those of Dr. Emma have enjoyed long term success," he said.

The program can also be repeated in the future if needed.

Call and set up your complimentary consultation with Matt or Kim at Head To Toes 17 Cocasset St. location by calling 508-543-1112 or email for info.

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