Star Petroleum has been built on customer service, loyalty

Look for the sign of quality on Route 1 to find Star Petroleum.

Customers walking into the Star Petroleum offices on Route 1 can’t help but notice a wooden plaque that reads: “For what shall it profit a man, if he shall gain the whole world and lose his own soul.”

The plaque, a gift to the late Ted Saegh, founder of the company more than 70 years ago, remains an important part of the values instilled in his two sons Paul and Robert, who owned and have run the business for the past 40-plus years. Both brothers learned the business from the ground up, starting as drivers, and over the years  have learned every aspect of the company.

“Loyalty is built on good service and taking care of our customers,” says Robert Saegh, operations manager and energy consultant.

Much has changed over the years — computers have replaced much of the time-consuming paper work, and energy-efficient equipment continues to improve.

And while local companies have no control over the daily ups and downs of oil prices, they can control customer loyalty and satisfaction.

That’s where Star Petroleum says it will take a back seat to no one. The entire staff makes it a point to keep its customer base informed through mass mailings that cover a cross-section of information in both the heating and air conditioning fields.

“Anyone can sell you oil, but they don’t sell service,” says Robert. He strongly advocates people stay with a full-service company like Star Petroleum that can handle all repairs. “On a cold February night you don’t want to be at someone’s mercy.”

Star Petroleum welcomes your calls and no question goes unanswered. In fact, a person can call Star Petroleum 24/7 and talk to an actual human being instead of a machine, who in turn will relay the message to the person best qualified to get you an answer within a very short time.

As their business card says, “Star Petroleum’s customers are not an interruption to Star’s work, they are the purpose of it.”

With oil prices high, it becomes even more important to conserve. One of the best ways, in addition to adding insulation, is to update your heating system. While a new energy efficient system may seem expensive, the Star Petroleum staff can show you it will only take a five- to eight-year payback period, a small price for the 20 to 25 years you will get out of a system.

In addition, with the hopes of helping customers with the high costs of heating oil, the company offers a plan where a customer can pay an estimated amount over an 11-month period starting in June of each year and running through April of the next year.

New Englanders face cold winters that seem to forget spring and immediately jump into the dog days of summer. So now’s the time to be thinking ahead.

There is no need to suffer when Star Petroleum can step in and solve that problem by answering all your central air conditioning needs.

Whether it’s a brand new house with the air ducts in place, or an older house without them, they can solve the problem. Their expert technicians will come up with a system that does not require tearing down all the walls, but rather go through indirect routes like through an attic, cellar or even a closet.

Star Petroleum is known for its generosity in giving back to local organizations in the communities they serve. The bottom line, as far as Robert is concerned, “If you’re loyal to your customers, they’ll be loyal to you.”

So whether you are a customer or a person needing information, you can feel comfortable giving them a call about both your heating and/or air conditioning needs. Star Petroleum will be there to answer your call.

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