The best in dental treatment: Anxiety-free and painless

Dr. Eugene Nichols

Eugene Nichols, DMD is a firm believer in incorporating dental technology. He is now licensed in oral conscious sedation, and has added soft-tissue laser technology and laser bleaching to his modern family practice.

Oral conscious sedation is a safe way to alleviate all dental anxiety and fear so that the patient can achieve good optimal health. Treatment can be done with fewer appointments, making it easier for the patient’s schedule. The patient remains conscious to communicate with the Doctor, but experiences no anxiety and remembers nothing.

All paperwork is completed prior to treatment and with the open design of the office, patients feel safe and relaxed during treatment.

 Soft tissue laser technology offers patients options for dental treatment that cannot be accomplished with traditional therapies. These include reshaping or removing gum tissue (gingivectomy); clipping muscle attachments (frenectomy), removing soft tissue growths (fibromoa removals, hemangioma removals); gently removing swollen tissues (gingivoplasty); healing oral soft tissue trauma (such as sores, orthodontic irritation, extraction sites, periodontal therapy). The benefits include reduced bleeding, swelling and postoperative pain. Lasers offer more precise control and more comfort for the patient. Laser technology has made dental treatment more effective and less painful.

 He uses digital x-ray equipment and intra-oral digital photography to analyze his patients’ teeth. The use of digital dental x-rays benefits the environment by eliminating chemical developers and lead film packaging. Digital radiography is also beneficial because it exposes the patient to up to 85 percent less radiation than traditional x-rays. Digital x-rays are more detailed and can offer a more accurate diagnosis.

These images can be enlarged and enhanced and are less time consuming to process. This enables the dentist and the patient to see the extent of tooth fractures, gum recession, and decay. These digital images can also be sent electronically to insurance carriers and other dental specialists when a more rapid response is needed.

    Dr. Nichols and his staff are also firm believers that the patient should come first. Quality and personal attention to the true needs of the patient make his modern hometown family practice attractive to people of all ages. Some of the features geared toward the patients’ needs and comfort are the use of television and video viewing in each operatory during treatment - a great way to relax, especially during longer treatment visits. Also, with conscious sedation and other long procedures, patients are comforted with a nice fleece blanket to keep the chill off and make them feel more at home.

The children in the practice can participate in the “no cavity club” where they receive tokens that can be cashed in for prizes and they love bringing in their favorite DVD to watch during their visit. The practice treats adults and children beginning with the age one well baby visit. Preventative dental care, regular cleanings, and yearly x-rays are stressed heavily in order to help maintain a family’s dental health.

    The use of a modern sterilization center positioned in the middle of the office for everyone to see reassures each visitor that safety and cleanliness are a priority. Records are paperless and attached to a photo of the patient, enhancing security and confidentiality.

    Treatment plans and financing are also available to those who do not carry the coverage for needed procedures, making oral hygiene and health affordable to everyone. Since many other medical problems can be diagnosed at an early stage through proper oral care, Dr. Nichols and his staff take pride in making each patient part of the family so that they will be comfortable and dedicated to good oral health.

Eugene Nichols, DMD received his bachelor’s degree from Boston University, attended Tufts Dental School, and did a one year residency at the University of Pennsylvania. During this residency, he specialized in advanced restorative dentistry. He has been practicing since 1988 and believes that education is an ongoing process. He is always looking into opportunities to learn how to offer the most modern proven technologies to his dental family.

The practice is able to offer more appointments during the most requested time periods: early morning, afternoon and evenings. The staff members bring a well rounded knowledge of dental and patient care to this family practice.

Dr. Nichols performs restorative and cosmetic dentistry as well as deep scaling, some root canals and oral surgery. More complex surgical and root canal cases as well as orthodontic care are referred to local specialists. Implants are the more modern alternative to bridges and dentures and Dr. Nichols also offers all these treatment options.

The office is located at 15R Mechanic Street, Foxboro at the rear of the Mordini Building. The office is state-of-the-art and spacious. The four dental rooms have the latest dental equipment.

There is a comfortable reception area where patients can get a cup of coffee, water or juice; and consultation space with soft fluorescent lighting and restful walls.

The office is open on Monday and Thursday, 8 a.m. to 8 p.m., and Tuesday and Friday, 7 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. The office welcomes families and new patients. Visit their website at and call for an appointment today at 508-543-2233.

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