Tree questions? Call the experts at Tree Tech

Tree Tech brings all its staff and equipment together for a team photo. (Submitted photo)

Money might not grow on trees, but failing to properly care for ornamental and shade trees and other plantings can cost homeowners plenty in the long run. Cost effective choices by homeowners over time enhances the beauty and value of property.

Tree Tech, Inc. is a 27-year, full-service tree care company providing year-round services. Their skilled arborists perform all aspects of tree and shrub care, from large removal to diagnosing diseases and treating plant health programs.

Tree Tech, Inc. is located in a 7,500-square foot facility in Foxboro with over 50 pieces of equipment — from tree removal cranes to plant care rigs. Tree Tech services residential customers, contractors, large commercial and institutional accounts, plus housing and condominium complexes.

Tree Tech contracts for maintenance on a regular basis. They will check weak trees to determine their stability. Pruning is also part of their contract service for health, safety and appearance of trees. Pruning removes deadwood, facilitates closure, minimizes insect entry, thins canopies and reduces weight stress.

Tree Tech, Inc. has a great customer interactive web site at It has a full company history and monthly newsletter, plus insect and disease information. Full histories of current seasonal diseases and insect information dispel myths by answering true/false questions on a variety of topics.

The winter moth heavily infests the Northeast and the towns surrounding Foxboro yearly. Populations have not subsided. Winter moths mate in the fall and lay eggs in the winter. Maple, cherry, apple, oaks and birch are most susceptible. Spring is an ideal time to locate winter moth infestations. Tree Tech treats trees for winter moth in the spring to minimize or prevent damage.

Other problem insects have been the Asian Long Horned Beetle and the Hemlock Woolley Adelgid which have caused problems throughout the Northeast. These insects can kill many of the trees if symptoms or infestations are not reported. Tree Tech can inspect your trees and be proactive with preserving them from the Asian Long Horned Beetle and the Hemlock Woolley Adelgid.

Rain is good for tree and shrub growth. It helps trees and shrubs put on extensive amounts of luscious foliage. However, extensive growth puts some trees at risk of breakage, being so laden. Your trees and shrubs may need pruning and branch removal for them to keep appropriate shape. When shrubs and trees experience excessive growth, they crowd each other and suffer from congestion.

Trimming and pruning trees allows enough space for additional growth and sunlight and insect infestation is cut down drastically.

Any season except winter is the opportune time to prune and trim your trees and shrubs.

They look more natural and attractive after grooming.

Pruned and trimmed trees also are much better able to withstand heavy winds, as well as snow and ice loads in the winter. 

Call today for an appointment to have your trees pruned or to start a regular maintenance contract. To make sure your trees and plantings don’t cost you extra money in the long run, call the experts at Tree Tech.

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