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Krista Germanis with boyfriend Robert Maffeo of Foxboro. (Submitted photo)

Plenty of people try to do something special for their loved ones after they return from military service, whether that be a special meal, a party or tickets to a concert or sports game. Krista Germanis, however, is trying to go one step beyond, in her attempts to arrange a meeting between her boyfriend and New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady

“I just wanted to surprise him with the best thing I could possibly think of,” said Germanis. “Which happens to be Tom Brady.”

Germanis’ boyfriend, 29-year-old Robert Maffeo, grew up in Foxboro and graduated from Xaverian Brothers High School. He is now based in northern Virginia near Germanis, and the couple have been dating for about two years.

Germanis has POTS, an autonomic nervous system disorder, in addition to chronic pain, and she says that her boyfriend’s understanding of this has been wonderful.

“I really couldn’t imagine my life with somebody else,” said Germanis.

Maffeo is an Army National Guard reservist, and works in a civilian capacity for the National Guard as well. A military police officer, he volunteered for a nine-month deployment to the Middle East, and is currently stationed there.

Still, while Germanis says it hasn’t been easy, she expressed no misgivings about this turn of events.

“He’s definitely someone who’s worth waiting for,” she said.

Like most good Foxboro boys, Maffeo is a tremendous New England Patriots fan.

“I always say I won’t change myself for a guy, except when it comes to football,” said Germanis.

A Cowboys fan before she got together with Maffeo, Germanis now pulls for the Pats, although she still carries a torch for her former team.

“I have a wardrobe filled with Tom Brady and Patriots gear,” said Germanis.

Should she be successful in getting Brady to meet Maffeo, Germanis wants it to be a surprise for her boyfriend. As such, she’s arranged for a pretty significant measure on his end.

“I made him delete all his social media,” said Germanis.

In order to promote this effort, Germanis has created a youtube video with her request to the Patriots quarterback, which currently has almost 2,000 views. She is also making an effort to get Brady to see the video.

As for logistics, she said that she can get her boyfriend to reroute his travel plans to Foxboro if it means a meeting with the four-time Super Bowl champ.

“I would do anything to make this happen ‘cause I know it would be the best thing in the world for him,” she said.

Germanis’ video can be found at www.youtube.com/watch?v=lw0IkkCwuq4

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