Rob Gronkowski may have just retired from the New England Patriots, but apparently not Gillette Stadium.

Gronkowski and representatives of CBDMedic, a subsidiary of Abacus Health Products, which he partnered with two months ago, announced Oct. 25 at Gillette Stadium a new partnership with the stadium and adjacent Patriot Place.

“Sports fans and athletes alike won’t be able to miss signs of Rob Gronkowski and the CBDMedic products that have helped him recover from the multiple injuries of his football career,” Abacus Health Products CEO Perry Antelman said. “You’ll see new signage around the outside of the stadium. We’re taking this message to new heights, literally.”

The iconic water tower of the stadium and Patriots Place will feature the CBDMedic logo.

“Fans will also be able to get free product,” Antelman said. “Sample products will be handed out to the tens of thousands of fans here at every game.”

Also, the company will have a large billboard on the side of the stadium, at the entrance of the stadium, and the Gillette Stadium and Patriots Place logos will be used on the business’s advertising nationally.

Gronkowski touted the health benefits of CBD, a cannabis derivative, when he announced his partnership with CBDMedic in August.

The three-time Super Bowl champion again advocated for CBD to be available to players, and hopes his business partnership will be a step in that direction.

“I remember wishing I had access to alternative, more natural medications to manage my pain during that time,” Gronkowski said. “That’s why the partnership between CBDMedic, Patriot Place, and Gillette Stadium means a lot to me. Because it takes it to a whole new level of what it’s all about. It shows the support of one of the leading sports organizations from around the country for athletes and millions of people suffering from pain.”

CBD products have no marijuana or THC in them and don’t give users a high because they’re made from hemp.

Because cannabis is banned by the NFL, CBDMedic’s products and signage can only be present outside Gillette Stadium.

“This is up to the NFL,” Antelman said of whether there will be change. “I know that they are working on studying alternative medications to help the athletes — they’re always working to help the athletes — we hear that it is coming around. Whether that’s six months, 12 months, or 18 months, we don’t know yet. But when it does come around, we’re hoping that we’ll be one of the first to be in the stadium.”

NFL rules also don’t allow players to sponsor any cannabis products.

Gronkowski added, “I also want to have the option to get back into the game and if I’m banned next year, I can’t.”

Material from the Associated Press was used in this report.

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