Staffers at the Rockland Trust Foxboro branch holding Summer Reading Make Cent$ reading logbook, from left: Cheryl Suess, Christopher Serpa, vice president/branch manager Stephanie Comeau, Alex Nunes and Kristen Orsini.

Summer reading is extra exciting when a student can get paid for doing it.

Rockland Trust’s annual Reading Makes Cent$ program is a community initiative designed to boost literacy and fiscal responsibility for students in grades 1-8 during the summer months.

Any child can pick up a Reading Makes Cent$ journal from any Rockland Trust branch. When a student completes writing the title and a short summary of the book or a drawing of the book and a parent/guardian has signed off, the student can earn $2.50 per book and they are allowed to log up to 10 books to receive a total of $25.

The program runs from June 1 through the end of August and includes special events such as Summer Reading Kickoffs at local libraries.

Stephanie Comeau, vice president and branch manager of Rockland Trust’s Foxboro branch, said this program encourages children to read during the summer months and teaches them the importance of saving money.

“It keeps kids learning over the summer and builds valuable skills that they will use in the future and the Foxboro branch is excited to promote this initiative in our community,” Comeau said.

Alex Nunes, who works at the Bank’s Foxboro branch, said the kids and parents love it and it is a great incentive to fulfill their summer reading.

“The Rockland Trust Summer Reading Program is a wonderful incentive for children of all ages to increase their knowledge and experiences and enjoy the gift of reading,” said Rose Clasby, 82, of Foxboro, a kindergarten teacher in Foxboro for 30 years before retiring in 2000.

Clasby encouraged her great-granddaughter, McKenna Duffy, 7, going into second grade at Taylor School, to participate in the program.

“I love reading, it’s fun and I can’t wait to read all my summer books!” said McKenna.

Sherry Charlesworth’s triplet daughters participated for the past six years in the program.

Sophia, Olivia, and Kayleigh, 12, all going into 7th grade at Foxboro Regional Charter School, have accumulated $125 each since second grade.

Lynda Loebelenz, a mother of two in Foxboro, said both of her children, Erik and Maria, who are Foxboro Regional Charter School students, started the program in 2016.

“It was important because the incentive was so great. Earning money gave them the motivation to read,” said Lynda. She said once her children established an account, they were excited to have their own bank accounts, so down the road, if they ever wanted something big, they already had their own money.

Erik Loebelenz, 10, going into 5th grade has not spent any of the money yet. He likes reading books and just got a gift card for Barnes & Noble and bought four more books for his birthday.

“I like to draw a picture and fill out the paragraph on what the books are about. It’s fun to read and I like having my own bank account,” he said.

“I like the program because I am able to get money for books that I have read. I have not used any of the money yet,” said Maria, 12 going into 7th grade who is excited to start her third year in a row.

Rockland Trust launched the Reading Makes Cent$ program in 2009 and more than 1,000 students typically participate each year.

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