foxboro high school building

Foxboro High School.

School board members last week gave the green light to a dozen overnight student trips for the remainder of the 2019-20 school year, suggesting that out-of-town travel provides unique opportunities to broaden education beyond the classroom.

Beginning in late December with a weekend wresting competition in Lowell, the scheduled trips includes music festivals in Boston, New York City and Williamsburg, Va.; foreign language exchanges to France and Costa Rica; cultural/historical experiences in London and New York City; and prospective trips to participate in the state and international DECA competitions.

“When you think about the opportunities here there are just so many options for our students,” Superintendent Amy Berdos said.

Berdos adding that high school Principal Diana Myers-Pachla has long advocated for student trips as a “fantastic learning experience.”

By formally endorsing the 2019-2020 out-of-town travel schedule, booster clubs will be able to begin fundraising to help offset costs for students and their families, according to school committee chairwoman Tina Belanger.

School board member Richard Pearson commended faculty members who have volunteered to accompany the trips, noting that school trips would be impossible without such oversight.

“Chaperoning is a great opportunity as well, but you have to step up and do that,” he said.

Berdos also suggested that travel engagements — involving athletics, musical performances or foreign language exchanges — provide platforms to showcase local students and, by extension, the community.

“It is a nice feather in our cap,” she concluded.

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