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Paul Zazzaro at arraignment in June 2019 in Attleboro District Court.

A Rhode Island man arrested last summer after a spree of thefts in three area towns was sentenced to 18 months in jail Tuesday after admitting to stealing wallets at senior living facilities in Attleboro as well as credit card fraud.

Paul A. Zazzaro, 49, of Providence, was sentenced in Attleboro District Court after pleading guilty to multiple charges.

He used the credit cards to buy merchandise, including a cellphone at the Metro-PCS store downtown, after swiping the wallets from the Attleboro Health Care Center on George Street and Christopher Heights on South Main Street in early and mid-June.

Zazzaro was arrested June 15 after police stopped him at Speedy Oil on North Main Street. He was in a car that had been reported stolen in Providence.

Assistant District Attorney Kendall Poitier said Zazzaro ran from police but was found hiding behind a trash bin at Balfour Riverwalk Park and was taken into custody after a brief struggle.

She said he had keys to the car, in which police also found the wallet of a worker at Christopher Heights. The worker had noticed it missing from her pocketbook in her office earlier that morning.

The theft at the Attleboro Health Care Center occurred two weeks earlier, according to the prosecutor.

Zazzaro also admitted to running handcuffed from police after he was brought to Attleboro District Court for arraignment. He was arrested nearby after a foot chase, Poirier said.

Credit card companies have reimbursed the victims for charges on their accounts and other items stolen in the Attleboro incidents were recovered, according to the prosecutor.

The sentence was imposed by Judge Daniel O’Shea after Poirier and public defender Susanna Henry came to an agreement on a recommendation. O’Shea told the defendant that, because of his criminal record, he would likely face a grand jury indictment and state prison time if arrested again.

Henry said Zazzaro has also pleaded guilty and agreed to an 18-month sentence in Wrentham District Court.

He was charged there with similar crimes, including receiving stolen property, credit card fraud and larceny, out of Norfolk and Foxboro.

Zazzaro was charged by Foxboro police last May with stealing credit cards and other belongings from two Foxboro High School tennis players while they were practicing at the school.

He was also charged with stealing an employee’s pocketbook at Norfolk Town Hall last June and racking up $1,470 worth of charges on her credit cards.

In Rhode Island, Zazzaro is wanted on credit card fraud and related charges filed by Woonsocket police, according to court records.

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