State Sen. Paul Feeney says he wants nothing to do with speculation he might run for Congress next year if Rep. Joseph Kennedy III runs for Senate.

Feeney, D-Foxboro, said recently there is no open seat so there is nothing to talk about.

He admits people have asked him if he would consider it, perhaps because eight of the nine communities he represents are in the 4th Congressional District.

But, he said, he is staying above the fray and will not waste time speculating because there is no opening.

If an open seat were to appear, he said only then would he consider running.

“This is not the time to have that conversation,” Feeney said, hinting his wife might not be thrilled about the idea.

Talk of an open seat in the district, which includes all of the Attleboro area, started as of late when it was learned Kennedy is considering running for Senate.

But, Kennedy, D-Brookline, would have to challenge a fellow liberal in incumbent Ed Markey, in a primary that would split the party and force Kennedy to give up his stated goal of running for re-election in the 4th District.

In a sign of how a primary would force Democrats to make tough choices on whom to support, Sen. Elizabeth Warren, D-Mass., who is running for president, was featured in a video Aug. 19 endorsing Markey. Warren is close to Kennedy, was his law professor at Harvard, and he endorsed her for president.

Feeney said he hasn’t spoken to either Markey or Kennedy about the rumors, but admires both men.

“Senator Markey has been a great senator and I think the world of Joe,” he said.

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