Foxboro resident Joette Halpern has the gift and passion for sewing.

For a number of years, the 62-year-old Foxboro resident has turned that passion into a purpose by creating dresses to be donated to little girls with cancer.

But the pandemic took away that stitch in time.

She remains at the sewing machine, however, to continue with the cause.

Halpern has recently partnered with Lawton Farm in Foxboro to 'host' the dresses she makes which will be sold for $20 each, with 100% of the proceeds donated to St. Jude Hospital.

It's a charity as near and dear to her heart as it was to her mother's and is carrying on the tradition. "My mother has always taught me the importance of helping others," Halpern said.

A plain dress takes her about 1 1/2 hours to create, but with decorations such as adding ribbons, that takes a little more time, she said.

Halpern learned sewing in junior high school and went to four years of private art classes and four years of private sewing classes in Wollaston, MA, where she grew up, to master her craft.

Her other passions besides sewing are cooking and helping others.

Halpern has lived in Foxboro with her husband Joel since 1984 and raised four daughters, Ashley, Courtney, Danielle, and Mikayla.

Halpern retired after working at Walmart in Walpole for 25 years and since becoming an empty-nester, she has turned her passion for sewing into something that has made a difference in the lives of little girls who are battling cancer.

Her third daughter Danielle West describes her mom as a compassionate, caring, and kind person.

"She puts everyone before herself and would give the shirt off her back. My mom is someone I can always count on to be there during good times and bad times. She is an amazing woman I am proud to call my mom," West said.

"My mom inspires me to give back when I can and inspires me to be a better person every day," West said.

To learn more, visit her Facebook page: JH Children’s Dresses for Charity.