Resident Susan Gillis wants everyone in town to be able to say “thank you” to front line workers and volunteers helping during the coronavirus pandemic.

To that end, she has initiated the “Foxboro Thank You Card (Video) Project.”

Gillis’s goal is that all town departments as well as families and individuals across town get involved in the project working with Foxboro Cable Access to put together a video to express gratitude to those essential workers who are putting themselves at risk every day.

“We would also like to thank everyone who is sacrificing by doing their part to flatten the curve by staying home and wearing face masks when they must go out,” she said.

Gillis and her husband Robert have lived in Foxboro for the past three decades and have been members of the Jaycees for 25 years participating in many charitable ventures, and has recently included Susan’s working with a group to make more than 2,000 face masks.

For Bailey Collins, a lifelong Foxboro resident who is helping with the project, it’s a way to build strength and support in the community.

She said with stay-at-home orders in place and living in uncertain times, it can feel very lonely.

“I wanted to find a way to remind everyone that we are all in this together. As individuals and as a community, we will be okay if we continue to spread positivity,” she said.

“One thing we all have in common is our Boston Strong mentality. Our pride in our community can get us through anything,” Collins said, adding Foxboro is an integral part of who she is.

Sarah LaBrache, 8, and her mother Amy have gotten involved, as well.

“I am participating because they (essential workers) risk their own health to make sure that we get what we need,” the young LaBrache said. Her mother said this is a great opportunity to thank those who serve our community in an essential way.

Gillis said, “We all feel grateful to them, it would be nice to say it collectively as a community. The wonderful folks at Foxboro Cable access agreed to take all submissions and turn that into a ‘Thank you video’ on behalf of the town. I think that this would give people something nice to do with their kids and families that is uplifting.

“With so much negative news and information we all have come at us every day, I am hoping that this would offer a pleasant distraction. We need to keep our focus on gratitude and thanks whenever possible,” she said.

People can participate by submitting a creative card, note, sign, or short video stating their appreciation by May 27 and sending it to

“Let’s go Foxboro, let’s make one awesome Foxboro worthy thank you video,” Gillis said.

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