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Foxboro High School

There will be several new programs at Foxboro High School for the next school year, and there is a growing trend toward more half-year courses students desire.

School committee members last week were presented with the proposed program of studies for the school, which they unanimously approved.

More semester classes will be offered compared to the traditional year-long courses.

Enrollment in a full-year accounting class has been down, so school officials are switching to a half-year program.

It was found students often don’t want to take a full year of a class, and changing to semester-long courses, it is hoped, will spike enrollment.

The half-year route is also being taken in the science department.

Three new courses are planned: Green chemistry, Cutting Edge Science, and The Science of War.

Students “have been clamoring” about the latter, department head Alyssa Mocharnuk said. “We think it will appeal to students.”

She noted the course “America at War” has been a big success.

An environmental science class has been extremely successful, Mocharnuk added, but now will be broken down into semester courses for students’ convenience, to Environmental Sustainability and Environmental Change.

A big push has been for a marine science class, and also on the back burner is a meteorology class, officials said.

The elective courses are mostly taken by juniors and seniors.

Some of the changes with the science courses stem from a curriculum review that dates back five years.

An earth and space science class was added two years ago based on that review.

“Now we’re ready to add more,” Mocharnuk said. “We knew we needed to add more physical science electives.”

Students often don’t want to commit to a full year course, she said.

“They are great options,” school committee Chairwoman Tina Belanger said.

School board member Brent Ruter, an educator, highlighted that the school is retaining a variety in its programs despite declining enrollment.

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