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Igo Elementary School

Elementary and high school students this school year have been teaming up for a special program.

“Dragon Stories” was a digital photography project where the elementary students, with the help of the high- schoolers, wrote stories about dragons that were recorded with digital photography.

The project involved 23 fourth-graders from Igo Elementary School partnered with 23 high school students.

School committee members were treated at their recent meeting to an overview of the student teamwork, with several of the younger students reading their dragon stories and poems.

“It’s been absolutely wonderful,” Igo art teacher Linda Scotland said, explaining students have drawn dragons every year, but this year the program was expanded. “What an adventure our students have taken.”

The younger students were “more independent, in control of the work. I could see the difference,” Scotland said.

A book of the student work will be part of a May art show at Igo, and copies will be placed in the school library and at the high school.

“I don’t know what I’m more impressed with, the art or writing or both,” school board Chairwoman Tina Belanger said. “I love the collaboration.”

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