Foxboro public safety building (copy)

The Foxboro Public Safety building.

The town has reached agreement on a two-year contract with members of the local police union that provides 2 percent cost-of-living raises, among other pay adjustments.

The two-year pact with members of bargaining unit Local #379 supersedes a three-year agreement that expired June 30, 2018, and applies one year retroactively to that date, according to Town Manager William Keegan.

Subject to ratification by the union rank-and-file, funding for the proposed police contract would be voted on by voters at a special town meeting scheduled for Monday, Nov. 4.

On Tuesday night, selectmen Chairman Mark Elfman thanked Keegan, Assistant Town Manager Michael Johns and incoming Police Chief Michael Grace for their contributions to the new contract.

“We went over it pretty extensively in executive session,” Elfman said, “and I think we all were comfortable with it.”

In addition to extending the annual 2 percent cost-of-living increases which had been in place since 2016, the agreement provides police officers with an array of incremental compensation opportunities — most of which existed previously, though some at lower rates.

For example, the agreement provides stipends equal to 3 percent of base salary to the department’s court officer, school resource officer, administrative officer and K9 officer, with the traffic officer, lead firearms instructor /armorer and fleet maintenance officer receiving stipends of 1.5 percent and detectives receiving stipends of 4.4 percent.

Likewise, officers working the midnight shift would receive night differential pay equal to 4.5 percent of their base salary, with off-duty officers working town or school-related details (or those required to attend court proceedings) entitled to four hours minimum compensation at time and a half.

In addition, the rate for private details was adjusted from $49 to $52 an hour — $57 on weekends or holidays.

The new agreement also extends, and in some cases increases, existing provisions for education pay.

Officers who have 30 credits towards an associate’s degree receive a stipend equal to 2.5 percent of their base salary. Those with an associate’s degree or 60 credits towards a bachelor’s degree receive a 5 percent stipend. Those with a bachelor’s degree receive 11 percent and those with a master’s or law degree receive 13.5 percent.

Under state law, the town is also obligated to reimburse officers for tuition costs provided they receive a final grade of C or higher.

Remaining unchanged are uniform allowances of $750 per year for officers, $800 for plainclothes officers and $900 for newly appointed officers, as well as a separate $750 stipend for uniform maintenance and cleaning.

Finally, the proposed contract includes a new residency provision which requires officers hired in the future to live within 30 miles of Foxboro “as the crow flies” at date of hire.

Those already hired would be exempt, unless they changed their primary residence, according to language in the agreement.

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