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Juri Love (left) and Nick Gordonon the set of the fictional Variety Show that is featured in “Legalese.”

An energetic group of Foxboro Cable Access volunteers have gotten together to develop a new series entitled “Legalese.”

The innovative format combines fictional situation-comedy style dramatics with actual information that educates the viewer about the legal system. The storyline is presented as follows: the two main characters, an attorney played by director/writer/producer Nick Gordan, and an actor, musician, the executive producer of the show, played by Juri Love, who co-hosts a Variety Show.

“I call it ‘a show within a show’ because when our viewers are not seeing the variety show, they are seeing what our characters are like behind the scenes: what they’re like in their personal lives; how they get along with one another; and all the drama, conflict and humor that goes along with it,” Gordon said. “Besides me and Juri, our core group includes two amazing young actors, Allison Rothwell and Jared Craig. We also have an incredible team of editors, camera operators, and technicians including Alexa Correia (producer), Adam Taj, Joey Polis, and Teddy Jouret.”

“Legalese” features many guest stars and some recurring roles played by actors not only from Foxboro but from New York, Providence, RI and many areas from Massachusetts such as Amanda Rodriguez, Rena Gordon, Lilly Gordon, Lin Hultgren, Gretel Munday, Lew Gordon, Tanya Parrazzo, Paige Gilmartin, Jason Gervacio, Vac Harris, Michael Webber, Alexa Correia, Jaden, and Jayla Onwuakor. It also films and features some of the local businesses such as Luciano’s and Green Tangerine Spa & Salon. (Patriot Place)

Attorney Gordon has been practicing law in Massachusetts for about 17 years but also is passionate about writing and directing. Love, who co-stars in the show, is an active FCA volunteer, 2019 FCA Volunteer of the year/producer, and also has extensive experience in music, acting, writing, and journalism. They both play characters very much like themselves. “I have always loved to write but “Legalese” is my first try at writing for television. Juri has helped me tremendously in terms of developing scripts for each episode.” Gordon said. “The show would not be possible without her energy, skill, creativity, and extraordinary work ethic.” Love added her appreciation to FCA’s staff, especially Michael Webber for his teaching and support, “as always,” and to Gordon for his vision and dedication in bringing such an exciting show to the viewers in Foxboro and beyond.

The team is close to completing the first season, and preparing for season 2 is already in pre-production with hopes and plans in the works to film at least three episodes in Japan.

The first episode premieres on The Public Channel, Comcast 8/Verizon 39, on Monday, November 23rd at 7 pm and will be repeated throughout the week. Check the FCA website for additional dates and times, or to watch “Legalese” or other programming on-demand via the website or FCA’s YouTube channel.

If anyone wants to volunteer to be a part of this team to share your acting talent or assistant production, or if you would like the show to film at your business, please contact Juri Love via email:

To learn more about FCA’s training workshops, programming or operations, please visit the website at:, or contact Executive Director Michael Webber at 508-543-4757 .

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