Although there was a pre-event squall, National Night Out at Foxboro Common on Tuesday was a great success after the sky cleared.

The town's event -- a local rendition of the national community-police awareness-raising event held the first Tuesday of August since 1984 -- was sponsored by Jaycees, Foxboro Police, and Foxboro Fire & Rescue.

The event allows residents to meet local public safety professionals, get to know them, and learn about their roles in the community.

Dianna Walker, who brought her two daughters, Antonia, 8, and Adrianna, 4, said the event was really fun and an opportunity to see friends, see the community getting together, and have a good time.

"I think it's nice to see the police officers in the light that's just a little bit more laid back since things have been intense lately," Dianna said, referring to nation-wide events. "It's nice to see everyone just sort of gathering, having camaraderie, being friendly and supporting one another."

Sarah Norman, who attended the night out with her daughter Emma, 8, came to the event because she and her family wanted to support the community and be with all of their friends and family.

"My kids had a lot of fun. It was a great event," Sarah said.

Emma said: "I liked having fun with my friends and hanging out with my family."

Amy LaBrache, membership vice president of the Jaycees, thought it was a wonderful turnout.

"We do this every year. It's very important to recognize our community service, police and fire, and all of the people who have helped us in this town," she said.

According to LaBrache, they had over 25 tables this year which is the highest that they've had in all the years they have organized the event.

Sean Thornton, 14, came to the event because his friends told him he should come.

"I like it a lot and it's really fun. Just all the people socializing and I can do tons of activities," Sean said.

Shaelyn Kelley, 13, who was helping out at the Marilyn Rodman Performing Arts Center's table said: "I think it's been really fun and it's a great way to honor the people who are serving us."

Deputy Police Chief Richard Noonan said the National Night Out is a great event and the turnout was great despite the weather.

"I think some people got scared away by the rain but everyone is committed to being a part of this community so this is what you are seeing. You are seeing some great groups that love Foxboro, you see the police and fire department that absolutely love Foxboro, so I think overall it's been a great event," Noonan said.

Noonan said it is always important for the police department to interact with the community on a community relation's level; it's not always law enforcement level.

"It's how we develop relationships within the community to strengthen that bond between the police department and people that live in the community," Noonan said.