Community Connections, the seventh-grade enrichment course that is now in its second year, held its annual Community Day on Tuesday, June 4th.

Seventh graders have spent the past few months separated into different classes and each connected to a different group or organization in Foxboro.

Modules range from working with the Dolittle Home to the public safety building. Some students have had a chance to work alongside town office workers and selectmen. Others have been spending the day teaching lessons to first graders at the town’s elementary schools.

Scott Walker, a seventh-grade English teacher at the Ahern Middle School said his class spent the morning filming reviews of favorite children’s books at Foxboro Cable Access and traveled to the Boyden Library where they ran coloring table for young children and story time.

“The goal of this program is to show these students all the ways that they, as citizens and residents, can become involved in the town in which they live,” said Walker.

For Celia Franco, a seventh grader said the experience has impacted in her view of the town.

“I was able to learn about how Foxboro Cable Access plays a part in the community when I got the chance to record a book review. It was a very interesting experience and has shown me what goes on behind the scenes in Foxboro.”

Seventh-grader Antonio Ciolfi thought the class field trip was amazing.

“It was a great experience reviewing my book on Foxboro Cable Access. The smile on the kids’ faces at the library made me feel I’m doing a good job and they’re having a good time. I’m so lucky to be on this field trip with Mr. Walker,” Ciolfi said.

“My experience at Foxboro Boyden Library was extravagant and I loved it. It showed how much our school community really cares about the Foxboro community and how much we want to help,” said Tony Sulham, another Ahern seventh grader.

Susan Leonard, who brought her grandson, Kyle Leonard, 4, said it was an invaluable experience for kids of all ages. Kyle was at coloring table while Ahern students interacted, helping Kyle color.

“It helps with compassion which we need more in this world. What 4 years old doesn’t like attention,” said Leonard.

Margi Rossetti, library supervisor of children’s services said there was a lot of energy in the room at the Children’s Department.

“I hope this experience gives the students a taste of what community service is all about,” said Rossetti.

Walker agreed.

“It’s really important for the students to have a connection to the community and it’s really been nice for the entire seventh grade to have a connection to different elements of the community such as Boyden Library and Foxboro Cable Access and actually using the equipment since some of them have never been inside of Foxboro Cable Access,” Walker said.

Michael Webber, the Executive Director of Foxboro Cable Access who hosted the seventh-grade students’ book review at FCA’s main studio thought it was a great experience and the visit went extremely well.

“Students arrived prepared and really excited to produce their book reviews as video presentations. In about an hour more than a dozen students cycled through their reviews while fellow students learned to operate studio cameras, the audio mixer, and video switching in our control room space,” he said.

Webber continued, “Television production can be intimidating with the lights and cameras all around you, I was truly impressed by the student’s composure in front of the camera and their ability to handle the fast-paced sequencing. I thought things went well this morning.”

Webber said Ahern Middle School is doing with this program seems to be having a real impact on students getting to experience Foxboro in a variety of different ways around town.

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