HUGS project

Pictured from left to right are: Allison Tuohey, Amanda Sullivan, Emma Taft, Liam Hannon, James Calabrese, Kameron Poku, William Strachan, Ryan Kelley, Aidan Warren, Andrew Cady, Xavier Swinton, Bianca Bez, Thomas Devlin, Nathan Hillery, Trevor Marder, Ryan Flaherty, Dylan Kelley, Alexis Sougaris, Maura C. Schaeffer, Casey Franks, Sara Dekkers, Lydia Stone, Kaitlyn Donovan and Rachel Cordone.

It’s the second year that John J. Ahern Middle School’s teacher Rachel Cordone’s seventh grade Community Connections class chose H.U.G.S. Foxboro for their school service project. They brought all the equipment to help weed, prepare, plant, edge and mulch flowers at their Garden of Courage located in front of the town’s Public Service Building. In keeping with last year’s tradition, the students decided to paint additional “inspirational kindness rocks” with messages of hope, love, and courage which they placed at the garden.

“Ahern CARES” Program Service Module focuses on how community service organizations and their services of business benefit the town of Foxboro. Students in this group wanted to create a community service project as part of the activity. The class was designed by the grade seven teachers to partner up with local groups to plan a dynamic, experiential learning opportunity. This helped the students become “productive and responsible citizens, leaders, and innovators.”

H.U.G.S. Foxboro is very appreciative that teacher Rachel Cordone and her students chose to dedicate another year of their time and energy to a great cause.

H.U.G.S. Foxboro’s Garden of Courage serves as a reminder to those who have experienced and overcome their abuse. For those still involved in an abusive relationship to know that there is help out there for you, you will not be forgotten or have to go through this alone. Our goal is to honor those who have overcome adversity and help those still in need or in the process.

H.U.G.S. Foxboro (Help Us Get Safe) is a non-profit all volunteer organization providing non-emergency assistance to victims and families affected by domestic violence.

Please visit our website: for more information or for any questions, please contact our confidential helpline at 508-698-8784.

Thank you very much,

Maura C. Schaeffer, Presisdent, H.U.G.S. Foxboro